Sunday, July 26, 2009

I normally leave this to the football bloggers... SEC division predictions

SEC East
1) Florida- I think they lose at least one, maybe 2 games in conference, but they're still the class of the East.
2) South Carolina- This is SOS' bestest chance to have an impact in the SEC. UGA is retooling, UT is stinking, and they should be better than Vandy and Kentucky. I think.
3) UGA- normally they overachieve when the pressure's off. I'm not sold on them though.
4) Tennessee- for all the flack Kiffin has receivd I think he somehow manages 7 wins from that bunch.
5) Kentucky- Six wins is their benchmark.
6) Vanderbilt- they made a bowl game last year. Don't expect another one for 24 years.

SEC West
1) Ole Miss- I'm going against the belief that Nutt has his best seasons when his team is under the radar. Many of their toughest games are at home.
2) Alabama- I think we take a small step back, but still win 10 games.
3) LSU- They have to be better at QB, but they are quite the undisciplined bunch. It'll cost them a few games.
4) Arkansas- 2 years away from being a force.
5) Auburn- They don't have the right Gene. I'd be surprised if they win 5 games.
6) Miss St- their fans are geared up for hoops.


DJC said...

Ole Miss is still Old piss, don't buy into the hype. They will be third in the West behind us and LSU.

bobbyjack said...

Can't help it. Ole Miss is going to be good for the short haul. This is their chance to shine and I think they will.

MSmilie said...

I have to agree with DJC....except for LSU finishing second. Alabama has a fantastic defense, enough playmakers on offense [though I do think the offense will be inconsistent again] and Nick Saban on the sideline. As long as Saban is coach, Alabama will be the team to beat.

I don't think Ole Miss will tank, I seem them finishing behind Alabama.

LSU: the honeymoon is almost over for Les. The team was given a great match-up with Ohio State two years ago even though they didn't deserve it [two wins and they're playing for the title? Really?] and last year was a clear indication that the good ol' days are over for LSU. It wouldn't surprise me if Arkansas beats them out for the third spot.

In my opinion, it'll be Alabama and Florida in Atlanta again.

Der Schatten said...

I'm not being snide, but really, how can you justify Ole Miss being #1 on the basis that Nutt does his best work under the radar (true), when his team is hyped out the gills this year? LAST YEAR was the under-the-radar year....