Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you expand student seating, they will come.....hopefully

Hit the link to read Gentry Estes' article regarding the new student seating at Coleman Coliseum. Starting this season, students will occupy the front row behind the basket on both ends of the court.

Personally, I like the idea. Opponents will now have to endure the witty and caustic remarks from Alabama's fine, upstanding student section for an entire game. Obviously this does not mean Coleman will turn into the new Cameron Indoor Stadium, but it should result in more students having an interest in attending games and, hopefully, a little more atmosphere for an arena that has, let's face it, resembled a library too many times the last several years with the exception of the students who did turn up for games.


Anonymous said...

Great move. Use to sit there years ago when I was a student. Those seats are fantastic!

bobbyjack said...

I like the move as well. It'll make the place a bit more intimidating... if the students don't go home to mommy every weekend in the winter.

I've heard that season tickets went up. Not sure if that's smart being we're now 3 years removed from our last NCAA tournament. Usually a price hike follows a successful season.

DJC would know more about the price hike so I defer to him on this.

finebammer said...

really guys, will you bite on anything???

if we're not moving the hand-sitters who sit quiet as church mice game after game and have the temerity to ask those in front of them who would stand and vocally support their team to sit down and be quiet, out of their seats at courtside and replacing them with students who could change a game with their raucous behavior, they're pissing on your leg and telling you it's raining.

this isn't change. and it's not going to change the atmosphere in that dump.

if you can't make some noise and vocally support your team you don't deserve those courtside seats.

and they haven't for years.

we worry too much about legacy seating and decorum.

the best home-court advantages are where the students are as close to the action as possible.

behind the backboards ain't close enough.

another pacifier.


Anonymous said...

Its a start. More to come.

bamabballer said...

SEC rules prohibit student seating that is close to the visiting team bench. So sections C,B,Y, and X will never have student seating on the floor.

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: so the university should tell these people who pay for the seats to go away because they don't cheer for the team according to your idea of cheering?

Look, I've been in Coleman during some good times and the place was unbelievably loud. Unfortunately, the last several years saw not just a decline in the overall play of the team, but fan confidence in the team. I would say the writers of this blog and the readers, such as yourself, are huge Alabama basketball supporters, and even we reached our limits these past couple of years. Every post, every comment seemed to always center around whether or not the team had a snowball's chance to win instead of how they would win. That weighs on a fan's enthusiasm after a while. That may go against your cheering philosophy, but it's the truth.

However, if Coach Grant is half the coach I think he is, the overall play will improve. And fan support, which has already revived to a point, will return and we will see some glorious home crowds and support for the team.

Just chill, man. After the ridiculous amount of apathy shown the basketball program by the athletic department and the fans, you have to admit that some good things are finally coming together.

DJC said...

They did increase Tide Pride donation levels across the board. My seats went up $25 per seat. The front row seats actually doubled, from $1,000 to $2,000 per seat. It will be interesting to see if this hurts the renewal rate, which could result in the possibility of upgrades for the rest of us. I've been on the waiting list for courtside seats, but I'm not sure I would be willing to drop 4 grand for 2 seats.