Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MLB ballpark ranking this year- added 2 to the list

A post from May

1) AT&T Park- Giants
2) Coors Field- Rockies
3) Turner Field- Braves
4) Rogers Centre- Blue Jays
5) Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum- A's

I was disappointed at Rogers Centre (that's in Toronto for those that don't know). I was expecting more, but it looks like a rundown Tropicana Dome in Tampa. Tickets are cheap even using that funny Canadian money, but the atmosphere is pretty dead.

An aside... the roads on the QEW make that I-10 stretch through New Orleans look like brand new pavement. Saying that, it's a nice drive from Buffalo to Toronto with Lake Ontario as a backdrop.

Oakland... all I can say is the stadium is a reflection of the city. That's too bad because if they spent some money fixing it up it would be a nice venue to watch a game at. The surrounding neighborhood reminds me of the old Yankee Stadium days... after a game you'd do wind sprints back to the train. The neighborhood around Yankee Stadium has gotten much better over the years... maybe someone in Oakland should consider renovating the area.

Next up is Arizona. I'm prepared to be completely miserable out there watching a game, but it will complete the NL West for me. Strange how that has worked out.


DJC said...

I'll add in my review of Nationals Park. I went there this last weekend to see my Cubs get the sweep.

They could have done more with the location. The backdrop consist of 2 parking decks, you would think they would have tried to work in a view of the Washington Monument or Capital. It's very easy to get to from the metro and get in and out of it with plenty of gates, etc. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do in the area immediately outside the ballpark.

They have a good selection of food and concessions, but the lines were fairly long and they were out of a lot of stuff by the 7th inning. They probably aren't used to crowds of 35,000+.

I really didn't have many encounters with Washington's fans, it was a very Cub centric crowd. Given the history of baseball in DC, I was kind of disappointed in the knowledge their few fans. One guy behind us was yelling about "110 years" (It's actually been 101); and they started the wave in a one run game when they had runners in scoring position late.

The scoreboard and jumbotron was very nice and informative. It offered a lot more stats for each matchup than others that I have seen.

Overall, I would rank it somewhere behind the likes of Colorado and San Diego, but ahead of Atlanta and LA.

bobbyjack said...

Haven't been there yet. Sadly outside of the Braves I've yet to go to any NL East ballpark (Shea is no longer so I can't count that anymore).

I was going to Citizen's Bank Park last year... paid for parking and went up to the ticket counter only to find out the game was sold out. Ken Griffey Jr was in town and he was sitting on 599 HRs.

DC shouldn't have a team. Balitmore is plenty enough for that area.

DJC said...

Disagree on DC not having a team. I would like to see them become respectable. With the Senators and the Grays, there is a lot baseball history in that town.