Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ron Steele to test his skills overseas

He holds no grudges it seems. Good for him and good luck to him overseas.

"But do you know that Ron Steele will not speak negative about Mark Gottfried? And Mark Gottfried will not speak negative about Ron Steele?

That's the truth."

Steele may have left the Alabama team midway through his injury-riddled senior season, but he didn't leave the Alabama program behind. Last month, he spent time visiting with new coach Anthony Grant and working at his camp.

Side note- was this article really 6 pages? It was like a paragraph per page.



finebammer said...

this says a lot about ron steele as a person and a hell of a lot about his parents.

i would only advise ron to learn to use those eyes in the back of your head.

there are mark gottfried's everywhere in this world that will use you up.

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