Saturday, August 22, 2009

MLB ballpark ranking this year- 1 new

A link from last month (so I don't have to copy/paste).

I made the trip to Bank O..., uh Chase Field in Phoenix last week. A few notes:

1) Thank goodness they have a retractable dome. It was 108 degrees at 6PM PST.
2) The ballpark is one of the nicer ones I've been to.
3) I wasn't impressed with the food selection or the seating setup (seems too far away from the action).
4) Their jumbotron is huge and unlike most ballparks, they actually dedicate most of it to stats. Good move.
5) The Phoenix light rail puts you about 1/4 mile from the park. Can't beat that.

So my new ballpark rankings for the ones I've been to this year...
1) AT&T Park (SF)
2) Chase Field (Ari)
3) Coors Field (Col)
4) Turner Field (Atl)
5) Rogers Centre (Tor)
6) Oakland-Alameda Coliseum (Oak)

I'm hoping I get to 3 more before the end of the season. I wish I had a better pic from inside Chase Field, but I forgot my digital camera so all I had was the Iphone.

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