Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Piecing together the Alabama non-conference schedule [Updated]

As an example of how productive I've been in the office today, I did a little research of schools who have released their non-conference schedules to try and get an idea of who Alabama might be playing next season that we did not already know about.

Here is the schedule so far. If I missed one, please add it. Maybe we can piece this thing together before the athletic department finally gets around to releasing it.

11/14 - Cornell "The Cornell Basketball Blog" listed Alabama as Cornell's opening opponent.
11/17 - Jackson State
11/26-11/29 - Old Spice Classic [vs Baylor]
12/2 - North Florida
12/12 - Purdue
12/16 - Samford
12/19 - Kansas State
12/23 - Mercer [Uh oh]
12/30 - Tennessee State
1/4 - @ Toledo


bamabballer said...

You may want to add Baylor to that "Old Spice Classic" line.

MSmilie said...

bballer: I was going to add the teams, but didn't due to the post below that covers the Old Spice Classic.

bobbyjack said...

We are always the last to release our schedule. It's usually because they're scrambling to find a cupcake game as a filler.

bamabballer said...

I was referring to that we already know that we are playing Baylor. I would not list the others.

Alias said...

You're not telling me that our schedule has been finalized in August are you?

I will try to pay more attention to hoops after the Vuelta a Espana that ends in September. If I start obsessing over Bama Basketball this early in the year I might give myself a medical condition.

Thanks to all those who have kept posting information here. I know this next season might be tough on us but I am sure better things are not far away.

DJC said...

@Toledo? Assuming that doesn't interfere with our bowl game, I am so there. Can't think of any other time I would have any reason to go to Toledo.

Anonymous said...

Homecoming for Louis Dale and Cornell. They've been to the NCAA two years in a row. That is a veteran team out of the Ivy League, might not be the smoothest start for AG.

MSmilie said...

Anonymous: Good call on the Cornell game. I'm not sure what Cornell has coming back from their last two teams, but they are well-coached and could be a nightmare for an Alabama team opening with a new coaching staff, a new system and high expectations from the fan base.

Anonymous said...

Cornell brings back seven of their top eight guys from the 2008-09 team that won their second league championship in a row. They have nine seniors, possibly including the whole starting five. Mark Coury, a 6'9" power forward who walked on and played 12min/game his first two years for UK, has joined the Big Red for his last two seasons of eligibility. In addition to Louis Dale, Cornell starts a mobile seven-footer and another shooting forward who projects to break all the Ivy career three-point records. As a team last year, they shot 41% from long range! They are a legitimate mid-major power.

When teams like this play up to their potential, they probably compete well with, but do not necessarily get the best of, middlin' teams from BCS conferences like us. Playing in 15,000 person coliseums is not something they routinely do in their road games.
It should be a worthwhile opening game for both teams.