Saturday, September 12, 2009

Details of CAG's contract

Better late than never I suppose.

Grant will receive a $50,000 signing bonus, plus a handful of incentives:

* $25,000 if Alabama wins a Southeastern Conference championship.

* $25,000 if Alabama reaches the NCAA tournament.

* $50,000 if Alabama reaches the Sweet 16, or $100,000 if it reaches the Final Four, or $250,000 if the Crimson Tide wins a national championship.

* $25,000 if he is named SEC coach of the year.

* $50,000 if he is named national coach of the year.

* $25,000 for unspecified academic performance.

Read it here

Sounds like a fair deal for both sides. IF CAG is extremely successful here we'll be compensated when the bigger dogs come calling.
The biggest shock to me was:
1) We had a rowing coach and
2) He makes $60K doing it.

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