Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If I was CAG, this would be my starting lineup for the 2009 Alabama basketball season

PG- Brock
SG- Hillman
SF- Torrance
PF- Green
C/PF- Knox

Due to our lack of size I think putting Torrance in as a SF would be beneficial as we'd have 3 guys on the court that can handle the ball (the jury is still out on Hillman, but I think he'll be okay in a controlled offense).

It's pretty obvious that for us to win this year we have to play uptempo. We're too thin in size to play a lot a half court offense. Hopefully Brock continues to be the threat he was last year from outside, Torrance improves even more in this area, and Hillman can develop a mid-range shot.

Like Mitchell, I went from thinking this team is a darkhorse for the NCAA to thinking this might be a year of us taking our lumps. The loss of Jemison is huge, not due to stats, but depth. Knox and Green have to play smart and not be the fouling machines they were last year.

I didn't address the bench... wasn't an oversight... just wanted to keep this post about the starting lineup I think we should go with.

At some point I'll come up with a revised W/L prediction. Actually, I'll put it to the rest of the contributors here and will compile one big ass post about it.


MSmilie said...

Everything I've read about Tony Mitchell leads me to believe he will be a starter. Maybe not at the beginning of the season, but at some point. The kid has a lot of upside.

With that in mind, I think the starting line-up could be

PG - Torrance
SG - Hillman
SF - Mitchell
PF - Green
C - Knox

I like Torrance at the point more than Brock simply because I think Mikhail is better at penetrating and breaking down a defense. The game against Vanderbilt in the SEC Tournament was a good example of this.

Also, we could see a variety of 3 and 4 guard line-ups for Alabama this season. With that in mind it's not a stretch to think we could see Brock, Andrew Steele or Charvez Davis start a game over the course of the season.

bobbyjack said...

I'd rather have Torrance at the point too, but us being really thin with big men makes him movable to a SF as he's 6'5/6'6. As you and many others know, I've been Mikhail's flagbearer since his freshman year :)

I hope Mitchell is a beast and moves into the starting lineup.

DJC said...

Mitchell is going to have to come in and live up to the hype if we are going to be anywhere near competitive this year. That's a lot of pressure for a freshman, but that's situation we are in.

The results may not be that great this year, but I am hoping to see a brand of basketball that is fun to watch. With consistent effort and intensity, if we could make the NIT this year I would consider that an accomplishment and something to build on.

MSmilie said...
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MSmilie said...

Bobby: You have been a consistent Torrance supporter. No one can argue that :) I've been a supporter since his breakout game at Tennessee a couple of years back. Of course, he immediately went back into obscurity because of Gottfried's insanity....but I digress.

DJC: I agree completely that if this team in its' current state can make the NIT, the season would be something of an accomplishment. Personally, I always enjoy watching the NIT games. And it would be nice, after the last two years, to see Alabama in a postseason tournament regardless.

Only five weeks to go until the first exhibition game.