Saturday, November 07, 2009

Alonzo Gee is an Austin Toro

In case you didn't know it, the NBA Development League had its draft this past week. Former Alabama player, Alonzo Gee, was selected by the Austin Toros with the sixth pick of the first round.

From Draft Express: Alonzo Gee goes 6th to the Austin Toros. Gee barely played for the Spurs Summer League team this year, but I guess they liked what they saw. He has some skills, but hasn’t really ever brought them together. His biggest weakness is three point shooting. And free throw shooting. Well, just shooting in general really. Usually a pre-requisite for a shooting guard/small forward, but in the D-League anything goes.

Congratulations to Alonzo. Hopefully he can parlay this into a possible NBA shot at some point. This gives me even more of a reason to enjoy Toros games this season. With salaries that range from $12,000-$24,000/season in most cases, these guys aren't living the high life by any means. They are hanging onto their basketball dreams by their fingernails. Most of them won't make it. The attendance at these games is sparse (despite the level of basketball being frequently quite high) and media attention is minimal. It also doesn't help in a town like Austin where you have a college basketball program that is a consistent top 25 team. Particularly this season, which could end with a national championship (Texas is my pick to cut down the nets in April). I think of the D-League players as underdogs, and I love a good underdog. As
Captain Renault would suspect, I'm a rank sentimentalist.

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