Thursday, November 05, 2009

Anthony Answers Alias . . .

or Alias' questions at least. Okay, so they were your questions, but I did ask them for you.

Coach Grant gave a detailed history of each of his assistant coaches, but he did not break down their duties along the lines that DJC asked. He did talk a good bit about the Strength and Conditioning Coach and about the Video Something-or-other Coach. He said that at this level someone has to record the practices to give the floor coaches the information they need to instruct the players. That might be old news to some of you, but I did not know they did that in basketball.

Coach Grant said that all the players were excited about the prospects of running an up tempo game but that they were really surprised by the September workouts that were necessary to prepare them for that style. They were surprised but they all evidently did accept the responsibility.

In response to the half-court defense question, he said they would be primarily a man-to-man team but that the one thing no team could afford to do at this level is to become predictable. As a result, he said they would change defenses and change fairly frequently to keep opponents off balance.

Coach Grant was very diplomatic when trying not to be too specific in addressing the talent level of our team. He did describe with particularity the individual strengths of each member of the roster. The comment the assembly enjoyed most was when he described Justin Knox as being "very laid back off the court." He said he'd told Justin "that needs to change when you go on the court."

This was my first visit to a Tip Off Club meeting. I was not the only rookie there tonight. The local leadership evidently had expended considerable effort to try to produce a good crowd for Coach Grant's first visit. Most of the other attendees spent their cocktail time talking about football. One Bama Basketball stalwart from my class back in the seventies asked a number of pointed questions. I promised Coach Grant I would put that friend in the car and drive him up to Coleman Coliseum before the season ended. I also promised to be in my seat next Saturday.

I was very encouraged by everything Coach Grant said. He knows the facilities must be improved and he explained that Coach Moore and President Witt are doing everything they can to help him. He also said that he had only one chance to do this right so he was more than happy to be patient to achieve that goal.


bobbyjack said...

Thanks Alias for asking. He's the coach so he knows best, but... I'm concerned about M2M with Green's propensity to get in foul trouble.

I got to check if there's a Tip Off club in the ATL. I doubt it, but I'll make it a point to check this week.

Thanks again.

39 Steps said...

Thanks for the report.

Did CAG seem like he was having a good time, or are we still in wait and see mode regarding his relationship with the fanbase?

bamabballer said...

CAG has the attention of the fan base, and he knows it. At this point he is coaching, teaching, and developing his team. He knows having success not just in wins will keep the interest of the fans. The fanbase knows that the success of this team will not be measured in wins and losses, but how they play, fight, and represent the University.

Alias said...

Bamabballer is correct, but I think Grant honestly is excited about coaching at Alabama. It might not be his number one pick. Then again, Florida might not have been Billy Donovan's first choice ten years ago.

Grant honestly seemed to be enthusiastic about the opportunity to rebuild a program where the football program is reasserting itself, other major sports are good and/or improving, and the University President is making a real push to become a scholastic player on the national scene.

I believe he really is happy to be where he is. He also understands we are not a marquee program right now so he probably could be tempted away. I have no inside information. That's just the way things seemed.