Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brock reinstated and Baylor stats pack

Brock has been reinstated by CAG.
“Anthony Brock has met the requirements that we set for him to end his suspension effective immediately,” Grant said. “Anthony is committed to this program and understands the expectations that we hold for our basketball team.”

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Baylor stats pack...

A relatively young team... 4-0 so far, but against pretty crappy competition. They escaped the mighty Hartford Hawks with a buzzer beater.

Led by LaceDarius Dunn (25.3 PPG) and Ekpe Udoh (8.8RPG), the Bears will test us by playing uptempo basketball. I think we match up well with them... as long as our big men stay out of foul trouble. They have 2 7 footers that see the court. Overall, they're simply bigger than us.

- 51.9% FG
- 40% 3PT FG
- 57.4% FT
- 13 turnovers per game
- 81 PPG

Prediction: As long as Green and Knox stay out of foul trouble I think our guards are better than their guards (collectively). With Brock back we have another outside threat that should be the difference. Bama by 7.

Oh yeah, the game is on ESPN2 (thanks finebammer for reminding me of that). No grainy internet feed. YAY!


Bama Old School said...

Glad Brock is back, he should help them as he seems to be the best 3 pt shooter. also here is a where are they now.
Cully Payne - PG w/Iowa - looks like he is starting and avg 6 pts. Watched him hit a 3/4 shot against Texas Mon night.

Justin Tubb - East Tenn State - starting 3/4 games - second in scoring 13 pts. - ETSU plays @ UAB Dec. 4

Avery Jukes - Butler - avg 6 pts - plays @UAB Dec. 22

Rico Pickett- Manhattne - 3rd in scoring team 10 pts. - Plays @ Vandy Dec 30.

bobbyjack said...

Thanks for the updates on former players. I believe Tubbs got a raw deal under xCMG. Good luck to Payne and Jukes (who must be 30 years old by now).

MSmilie said...

My two cents: Baylor has more talent, size, length and depth. However, Alabama can win the game simply because Baylor has not shown itself to be a good defensive team during the Scott Drew tenure. Drew likes to run a rather chaotic up-and-down style of play that can either carry you to the NCAA tournament (2 seasons ago) or to the NIT (last season). Nevertheless, I'm always going to choose talent and depth when picking a game so I've got to go with Baylor to win this game. I hope I'm wrong.

finebammer said...

whoop! whoop! ***tv test*** whoop! whoop!

key to the game: defense.

we're not that big, not that talented. but we can control the defensive intensity.

stay in their face, win the game.

really quite simple.

finebammer said...

wow, i can't believe the half of basketball i just watched!

the horsemen of the apocalypse had to have just mounted up.

an alabama basketball team that plays defense.

an offense that shows signs of a competent coaching strategy.

mr. grant, win, lose or draw, you just sold a season ticket package sir.

if we can improve game to game, we're gonna be a tough team to play, guys.

wow, just wow!

finebammer said...

somebody call 911!

we are getting mugged and the goddamned zebras are no where to be found!

jesus christ! are these sec refs???

finebammer said...

o k. mitchell back on the bench with his head bandaged.

the orlando police dept. is courtside........

and the refs have taken that as a cue and we're actually now getting a halfway fair shake from them.

win the damn thing, grant.

finebammer said...

well guys, we won a street fight. the refs called a halfway fairer game after mitchell was mugged but we still didn't get a fair shake.

the final free throws by steele had a baylor defender with his foot in the lane both shots and no lane violation called. my wife called that!

but this is a game a more talented mark gottfried team would have folded on like a cheap lawn chair.

we've all seen it a million times.

as i said before the game.....defense. IN. YOUR. FACE. DEFENSE.

throw in competent bench coaching and adjustments and your alabama basketball team is a winner.

michail torrance. mvp for the game.

i don't know if this is sec caliber play but we're gonna surprise some folks this season if we can build on this.

season ticket package sold, grant. i mean it. i'm in.

bobbyjack said...

Whoo hoo! Big win!

MSmilie said...

Alabama looked very good. However, I am cautious because Baylor continues to be one of the most undisciplined teams I have ever seen. They actually remind me a great deal of the last few Gottfried teams. Some talent, but no discipline. I have a friend who is an FSU alum so we're hoping for an FSU-Bama match-up tomorrow. I joked him it would take his mind off the impending beat down coming Saturday.