Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cornell spoils Grant's debut 71-67

It's hard to give analysis on a grainy feed, but I'll try my best.

Cornell I believe has 6 3s to start the 2nd half. I like the way we kept on fighting, but it seemed like everytime we got under double digits, Cornell hit a big 3. Some things haven't changed though... white guy draining 3s.

When we got it within one score give Cornell credit as they'd either hit a shot to make it a 2 possession game or hit their FTs.

I saw a lackluster first half, but was impressed with our 2nd half performance. When we really made a run at Cornell the ball went through Torrance and for the most part he made good decisions.

Box score

I thought Green and Hillman rushed their shots... although in Green's case he had to contend with a 7 footer. Brock was a sharpshooter from 3. He's easily our most reliable option out there.

Anyways, most of us know this season is one that will see some growing pains. As long as I see the hustle I saw today I'll remain optimistic. Last year's team would've quit when Cornell took the lead to double digits.

We are what we are now... let's see how much this team gels going forward.


MSmilie said...

I thought the team played well for the most part. Too many turnovers in the first half was the only thing that really stood out for me. Maybe some missed opportunities at the foul line late. Other than that, I can't complain about the team, other than they lost the game.

It's a game I didn't find myself angry while watching because Cornell is a hell of a basketball team. If that teams wins the Ivy (it should) and pulls the right first round match-up, they will win a tournament game this year. Four senior starters. Dale, Foote and, especially Wittman, are great basketball players. Wittman may even continue playing after he leaves Cornell. They never panicked when Bama made their runs. They're just a very good team.

Bama never wilted, even after falling behind 15. Bobby, you're right: In years past, the team would have folded. But I saw a lot of heart and hustle in the team today. It's encouraging. Hopefully they will continue to get better. They certainly, I feel, looked better overall today than they did in either one of their exhibition games. At the end of the year I don't think anyone will consider this a bad loss.

Bama Old School said...

They had shooters, we didn't. Bama will improve as the season goes

bamabballer said...

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Kendrick committed to Memphis.

DJC said...

Toorance had a lot of success in curling off of the high screen in the second half, which got us back in the game, but he must take better care of the basketball. As Coach Grant says, we don't have much margin for error with this squad, and we won't win many games at the rate we are turning the ball over. We seem to get frustrated when we have to hold the ball for more than 20 seconds on offense to get a good shot. Their 7 footer created some problems for us, I wish we would have fronted him more in the half court to try to deny the entry pass. Brock's shooting was good, but too many times he would penetrate into the helpside defense and turn the ball over.

Cornell played smart, as you would expect. To me the play of the game came after we had cut the lead to two, and our press nearly forced a 10 second violation. However, Cornell had the presence of mind to call a timeout one second before getting the violation. We showed a lot of poise by not panicking after falling behind by 15. Cornell showed a lot of poise by answering with a big shot or free throws everytime we cut it down to a one possession game.

It's only one game, hopefully the team can learn from this and bounce back against Jackson State. On a much brighter note, Go Rider! Much like our football team, they kicked Mi$$i$$ippi $tate's ass!

MSmilie said...

DJC: I do think that if Cornell wins the Ivy and makes the tournament, depending on their first round match-up, they will win a tournament game. They are a very good team.

Regarding Rider: The MAAC conference is for real this season. Siena, Niagara, Rider, Fairfield and possibly Iona are all solid teams. I actually picked Niagara and Rider to win those games. If not for a late run by Auburn, I would have gone 2 for 2. I don't think it means State isn't going to be a good team. But like Alabama playing Cornell, that's a tough first game to schedule.