Friday, November 13, 2009

Cornell stats pack

I'll give you stats from last season. How about that?
Also here's a blog about Cornell. A pretty good one at that. The poll on the main page comes up with 50% saying Cornell wins a close one.

They're the 2 time defending Ivy League champs and preseason favorite to win it again, returning most of the roster from last year.

Ryan Wittman led them in scoring (18.5) and 3pt FGs (97 made) while Jeff Foote (a 7 footer) cleaned the glass (7.2). Louis Dale averaged 13 PPG.

Prediction- A close game throughout with Green being just too much inside for Cornell. Alabama by 2 in a squeaker.

Gametime is 1PM CST (2PM EST for me). You can watch it online here.


MSmilie said...

Bobby: Great minds think alike. I like Bama by 2 also. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if Cornell wins tomorrow. Same with the football game. I'm worried about both.

bamabballer said...

The environment will be perfect for Cornell with most of our fans gone to Starkvega$. CAG and I are the same age, but I have the feeling that he is going to get a large lead on me with this team. A key stat for us will be the number of fouls Green has.

bobbyjack said...

I'm a little concerned about M$U, but I think we grind out a double digit win in the 4th quarter.

I'm expecting a sparce crowd... that's a lot to ask of the fanbase to make both this game and the one at M$U.

MSmilie said...

Good points about the crowd, guys. Not sure why this game was scheduled for today. I would think last night or even tomorrow would have been better.

bballer: Yes, Coach is going to have to earn that $1.8 million this year for sure. I think the team will improve as the season goes along though.

bama old school said...

With Cornell being a smart, senior lead team don't think our press will bother them we will have to defend the 3 and out rebound them to win. Cornell is a team that will be dancing in March. Bama in OT.