Friday, November 27, 2009

Florida State stats pack

Super abbreviated today as there's a another sporting event on the schedule today.
FSU stats

They got kilted at Florida. FSU is supposed to be a projected NCAA team so either it was an off night or the Gators are better than advertised.

- 47% FG
- 35% 3PT FG
- 66% FT
- +10 rebound margin

Prediction: I think we're on a roll and we win this one. I don't think it's a road game as FSU basketball fans are pretty scarce... and we had a pretty good contingent there yesterday. Bama by 5.

If we win tonight I think we go ahead and win this tournament.


finebammer said...

"Super abbreviated today as there's a another sporting event on the schedule today."

that was the line of the day!

i didn't think we'd beat fsu and certainly wasn't beating marquette!

i wanted to listen but was completely wound up with the football game.

we were VERY lucky to win that one.

Bama Old Skool said...

You can catch the game on Good game. You are not going to beat a team shooting 9-12 from 3 pt. line. Looked like FSU started to handle the press as the game went on ( they put in 3 guards) and then went hot from 3's. FSU had a run aro 15 min in 2 nd half and Bama didn't have an answer. Noticed our big men rec some fouls out on the press Knox had a couple and Green w/2-3. We couldn't handle them without Green on the inside. We also didn't shoot FT's 60 percent. Another good game against Michigan Sunday we need to keep them from hitting the 3 and they will zone us 1-3-1. Should be a good game against a team that will probably be dancing in March.