Saturday, November 28, 2009

Playing for 3rd now. FSU 60 Bama 51

Like everybody else, I missed most of this game because I was at the football game on the ugliest village on the plains. I did make it to a local sports bar in time to catch the last 9 minutes of the game. We were down 12 when I arrived, and we cut it to 7 at one point, but couldn't really make it a game. From what little bit I saw, it appeared that we were playing very aggressive on defense, but FSU had some ball handlers and was able to knock down some open shots at key moments. Every time it looked like we might make a run, they had an answer. FSU is a good team, and this was basically a home game for them. I was trying to keep an eye on the score while at the football game, it must have been a sloppy start as it was a 4-4 tie about 5 minutes into the game. It looked to be back and forth in the first half, but we fell down by 5 around halftime and they stretched the lead out in the second half. Sorry for the lack of quality analysis on this game, but 1) As I said, I only saw the last 9 minutes and 2) After that football game, then driving from auburn to Lake City, FL, I really don't feel like looking at the box score right now and trying to guess what happened. I'll be at the game Sunday, and depending on my internet connection I'll either get a recap posted that night, or Monday night after I return home to Birmingham.

Up next, another tough matchup against a top 25 Michigan team, at 4pm Central (5 EST) for 3rd place overall. The game will be televised by ESPNU.


39 Steps said...

FSU just hit their shots. We didn't.

39 Steps said...

And Green fouled out.