Thursday, November 19, 2009

Providence stats pack

Abbreviated for now... if I have time tomorrow I'll edit it with more info.

They're 3-0 with a huge win over the always tough Mercer Bears (we know them from last year... losing at home to them). Ok, really they're a middle of the road Big East team that'll challenge us. I haven't seen them play this year so I can't give any insight, but from the stats they have no problems using their bench with 11 players averaging at least 9 minutes per game.

- 42% FG
- 28% 3PT FG
- 60% FT
- +15 rebound margin
- 8.3 turnovers per game

Those offensive stats look AUful.

Prediction: With the loss of Brock (indefinetly) we really need to shoot well from outside to win. I just don't see it happening. Friars by 6.

Game time is 7PM CST and you can watch it at the usual place. I'm too lazy to link it, but scroll down and you'll find it from another post. I hope there's a good crowd there tonight.


MSmilie said...

I think this game will be a real test for the team. It should be close. Our guards are going to get a workout, that's for sure. I do think both teams are fairly even based on overall talent, experience and coaching. Therefore, I have to go with the home team. I really hope the fans show up for this one. Bama by 4.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

If BobbyJack is taking the Friars then bet the house on Bama. This was based on his terrible predictions record from last year. Seriously though, Providence is picked 13th out of 16 in the Big East this year. If Bama can't beat a team in the lower part of the Big East at home it's going to be a really really long year.

bobbyjack said...

The problem is, 13th of 16th in the Big East is like being 5th best in the SEC. Obviously I hope I'm wrong.

bobbyjack said...

Decent crowd... better than I thought, but it is a LA (late arriving) one.

Horrendous shooting, but I thought we played good interior D. Let too many outside uncontested shots go off.