Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remember Stan Heath? Looks like he's in trouble at USF

Most of the NCAA violations involve USF video and conditioning assistant Terrelle Woody, who was hired Aug. 26, 2008, in a non-coaching position by USF coach Stan Heath (right) as part of a package deal to guarantee the signing of highly touted Maryland transfer Gus Gilchrist.

The violations include Woody providing transportation to student-athletes, watching "open gyms," coaching players and illegally working out USF players.
Heath, who is 23-41 and in his third season at USF, denied the allegations or said he had no knowledge of them.

"You want to keep nickel and diming him," Heath said. "All this little [crap] ... I don't know what this is all about. It's stupid."

Besides the alleged violations, three current USF players -- Dominique Jones, Anthony Crater and Justin Leemow -- were the primary suspects in the April 2009 theft of nearly $8,000 worth of items stolen from former players Gaby Belardo and Jesus Verdejo, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office report. The father of one of the victims said he believes that Heath never contacted the police about the burglary to protect the current players. The items have not been recovered and no charges were filed.

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Looks like someone's coaching career is about to end. Badly. I hope he saved up all the money he got (stole) from Arkansas.


MSmilie said...

Bobbyjack: we tend to agree on most things, but I can't get on the anti-Heath bus with you.

I have yet to have anyone adequately explain how Stan Heath was a bad coach for Arkansas. After winning 30 games at Kent State in one season and advancing to the Elite Eight (I'm sure we all remember the ass whipping his team gave to Alabama) he was hired to take over an Arkansas program that was in shambles. His first three teams improved every year (9, 12 & 18 wins) before making back to back NCAA Tournament appearances. With virtually his entire team returning for the next year, he was unceremoniously fired for Pelphrey, who has been less than stellar so far himself. To say that Heath "stole" money from Arkansas is, frankly, a little strong.

I don't know why any coach would want to try and build the South Florida program in a tough Big East, but Heath is slowly turning that program around. His team this year is easily the best he's had in his three years.

Personally, based on what I've read about these recently uncovered allegations, the whole "investigation" by this former USF beat writer stinks to high heaven. All of the allegations have been made by former coaches and former players, all of whom may have a bone to pick with Heath. I also seriously doubt he would cover up wrongdoing by his players since he has suspended and dismissed a few players already during his tenure there in an effort to get the program together. And what proof is offered that he did this? The parent of a player who left the program says this happened. Aye caramba! If we've learned anything about college athletics during our time as fans, it's that the parents of these kids are usually more trouble than the kid may be worth (see: Augustus, Kodi).

While I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a fan of the "package deal", the fact of the matter is that was legal until the NCAA addressed this past summer. Knowing little about the process of law, let me ask: would any of these charges hold up in court?

If an NCAA investigation uncovers wrongdoing on Stan Heath's part, I'll happily eat crow. Until then, I think the guy is getting a raw deal from a group of people who have it out for him.

bobbyjack said...

Ask any Arkansas fan about Stan Heath... the guy was in over his head from the getgo. It took him 4years to get Arkansas back to tne NCAA tournament. 4 years.
And when he got them back there they were bounced in the 1st round. He should've been fired after year 4, but they gave him another year.

I agree that some of the charges against him reek of sour grapes, but nevertheless, Stan Heath is a sub par HC that hasn't proven he could build a program. His paycheck year was at the expense of us (see Pearl, Bruce and Petterson, Buzz as other examples). He won with a senior laden team in his only year there.

I've said this for a while, but the SEC needs a strong Arkansas to be mentioned as one of the elite basketball conference.

Stan Heath was their Mike Shula.

MSmilie said...

Okay, all right. Let's arm wrestle.

bobbyjack said...

Over the Top style? Hehe

MSmilie said...

I always wanted to be a milk shake.