Monday, December 21, 2009

Auburn attendance vs Sam Houston St

I get on to our local Tuscaloosa inhabitants from time to time (especially the students) for not going out to see Bama basketball, but after seeing this I guess I have no reason to criticize them anymore. Say what you will about this... make fun of it if you like, but this apathy regarding basketball in the state is sad. I can't imagine how disheartening it must be for Auburn basketball players to see a gathering at their game.

I'll say it... I like Jeff Lebo the basketball coach. I hate he's coaching Auburn, but suspect he'll be gone at seasons end. He's a decent coach stuck in a dreadful job. I suspect he'll be an assistant at a major school next year.


finebammer said...

they need to put the giant shower curtain back up......


MSmilie said...

Well, I think it just goes to show that Auburn fans and alumni don't have the passion for their university that Alabama fans and alumni have. Yeah, I just wrote that Auburn fan. Suck it. Even during the worst of the Gottfried tenure (hell, even the Hobbs tenure) I don't remember seeing a crowd that sparse at Coleman.

I agree with you, Jeff Lebo is a good coach in a terrible situation. The fact that he's had any success there is amazing. They were one game and Mississippi State losing in the SEC tournament away from playing in the Big Dance a year ago. I will say that I think this team has underachieved to an extent this season - the latest game with Sam Houston State was an absolute debacle - but I've always thought that, while Lebo hasn't been able to recruit the most talent, his teams always seem prepared to play. Unfortunately, it appears his future is set.

bamabballer said...

I told several Auburn fans (in person and on message boards) that they were lucky to get Lebo. I was kind of jealous. But who are they going to get to go there now!?!!?!
I would not touch it with a 10' pole.

bobbyjack said...

Auburn will support hoops if they make it to the NCAA tournament. Not to our extent, but people will show up. The problem is they won't draw support without players and who in their right mind would go to Auburn to play in front of 100s of fans?

Lebo seems to be playing it by the rules and will get fired for it. Kinda like Felton at UGA. Luck hasn't been on his side.

Alias said...

Lebo is handicapped in that he cannot sign any AAU players for an indefinite time period as a part of api's settlement with the NCAA for the violations allegedly committed under the pervious coach's tenure. I think Lebo is an excellent coach and have told my api friends that I hoped the school ran him off before he had a chance to build the program he wants to build. Lebo does think the new facilities will help his recruiting. We'll have to wait and see.

Both Alabama and api have fickle basketball fans, but api's fans will show en masse only when the team is winning band or is playing Alabama. Our team enjoys sell out crowds on a regular basis only when we are winning, but they will sell out and fill Coleman Coliseum for big games every year; and api is not necessarily one of them. It may be this year with the football trophy being presented at half time.