Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bama drills LA-Monroe 74-46

Box score

I didn't watch much of it to be honest, but what I did see was one team clearly on another level than its opponent. I'm guessing the crowd of about 1000 were treated to a glorified scrimmage. Let me be honest... there is no reason to schedule this game on the same day as the SECCG. Even an avid hoops fans like me can't get into this the day of probably the biggest football game in SEC history.

Anyways, I'll do better going forward.


39 Steps said...

A win is a win.

DJC said...

My gf kept me up to date via text messages and I tried to keep up with it on the blackberry. From what I can gather, Torrance had a good game and we spread the scoring around. I was glad that we actually had a good first half for a change. We forced a lot of turnovers, and I think we were up 16-1 or so before ULM got their first FG. Now we have a whole week to get ready for the big game against Purdue.

MSmilie said...

Bobby: Right you are, no reason to schedule this game. I'm glad the team won, but after watching the football game last night the last thing on my mind was basketball...for once. Definitely the biggest Alabama football win since the 1992 Sugar Bowl. I'm actually pulling for TCU to be in the championship game, though I admit there's probably little chance of that happening.