Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Suppose It's Time To Abandon My Alliteration Schtick

now that BobbyJack has joined DJC in plagiarizing it because they both can get to computers before I can get back to Mobile. It's probably all for the best. The other three posters are the ones' whose work should be read because I don't know that much about basketball. I'm really just a fan and supporter of the team.

The little I can add to what already has been posted is that Torrance did not seem to be himself. DJC constantly wondered about about the previous coach's substitution "patterns." Last night it looked like Coach Grant sat Torrance form much of the first half so he could have legs to run the team late in the game. Torrance still looked tired but rose to the occasion when he was needed.
Coach Grant also sat Hillman for a substantial stretch in the middle of the second half, apparently knowing that his defensive intensity would be crucial down the stretch. There may have been much more to the bench's thinking than my untrained I could notice, but at least that much of it makes sense to me and that seldom was the case during the previous three or four years.

Two other points that merit notice are Hillman's play after TSU cut the Tide lead to two in the sceond half. His defensive pressure, along with Brock's, generated three or four turnovers that led to quick Bama baskets. Hillman's feeds to Green under the basket were the finishing touches that made all of those points possible. It also looked like Bama finally hit two three point shots, again one of them by Hillman, that opened things up underneath the basket for the post players down the stretch.

One of the officials looked like a smaller version of Tim Tebow and his blocking calls against the home team baffled me on two separate plays. How the ball handler can be fading away from the basket while tossing the ball into the basket while the defender falls away in the opposite direction could constitute a contact foul makes no sense to me. If that guy becomes a regular at SEC games I'm sure crowds everywhere will chide him as "Tebow" every time he makes an unpopular call. Other than those two and a couple of others, I thought the guy did a pretty decent job, but that did not stop me from voicing my displeasure.

Like DJC says, a win is a win. Alabama rose to the occasion when it needed to, thanks to focused effort and very good direction from the bench. For those of you who have not yet done so, you should take a look at what the schedule and results have done to Alabama's RPI over the last four weeks. Kudos to Coach Grant, the staff and the team.


DJC said...

RPI was #69 before this game. Unfortunately, I'm afraid we will drop if anything before SEC play begins, because TSU and Toledo are terrible.

bobbyjack said...

I'll stop. I'm better at rhyme anyways :)

Alias said...

Didn't our RPI start at something like 180 or 190?

BTW, DJC, seeing you and the significant other on the Kiss-Cam last night made me glad they have never found Mrs. Alias and me in the crowd. How a woman as modest as my wife ever married me continues to defy my capacity to comprehend. I think Dubose, Price and Shula all three will win national championships before Mrs. Alias would kiss me on camera. Tell Brandi she was a real trooper!

P.S. I'm just kidding about the alliteration. I think it's been kind of fun trying to come up with something different as the third chair. I try to grumble about being upstaged to cover for my lack of real hoops IQ.

Let me know if you want to go to Baton Rouge and perhaps we can get some tickets together. Please bring a W back from Pasadena too.

DJC said...

Thanks Alias...neither one of us are big fans of PDA, but you've got to do what you've got to do :) I'm probably not going to make the trip to Baton Rouge, not getting back from Cali until late Friday night. Pull us through if you go. RTR!

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