Friday, December 04, 2009

LA-Monroe stats pack

Here you go.

They lost by 20 at LSU and 11 at Oklahoma... two teams that aren't supposed to be any good. Take that for what it's worth.

Anyways, Tony Hooper is the guy to watch on their team. He's led them in scoring 4 of 7 games. Lawrence Gilbert is their only other scorer putting up double digits.

They have one seven footer, but he doesn't see the court much.

- 44.7% FG
- 40% 3pt FG
- 72% FT
- rebound margin of -1.3
- 18.7 turnover per game

Prediction: We should force them into 20+ turnovers and coast along. Another scrimmage game of sorts with about 1000 or so at the game. Bama by 19.

Like last Saturday, there is another huge sporting event so it'll be hard to pay attention. Game is on tide TV... same link as other games. Noon tip off.


Alias said...

Thanks, BobbyJack. I just found the link to the free broadcast.

Alias said...

The game was well out of reach by the time I realized you'd posted an Internet link. Hopefully one of our other regulars can give a real report.

It was nice to see Cage get some playing time. He does not get many rewards of that type. I saw Brock badly miss three consecutive treys after he'd worked hard to get open. It was nice to seem some movement away from the ball. Not much but still more than I'd grown accustomed to seeing from our squad.

I plan to be there for Purdue and hope to see you all in Coleman Coliseum.