Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mercer stats pack

Here you go

Long story short, Mercer is horrific. They're perfect on the road (0-3) and have lost 4 of their last 5 with their most recent loss to Vanderbilt by 40. James Florence (seems like he's been there 10 years) is the guy to stop offensively with Daniel Emerson doing the dirty work on the boards.

- 41.7% FG
- 31.5% 3pt FG
- 68.2% FT
- +5 rebound margin
- 14 turnovers a game

Prediction: I expect a bounce back game from the mauling by Kansas State (the best team we've played all season). All wrongs will be righted tomorrow as the far end of the bench should get some junk minutes. Bama by 18.

Game time is 8PM EST 12/23 and viewable on Tide TV

If you are in Bham or Tuscaloosa make your way down there... tickets start at $5.

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