Wednesday, December 02, 2009

UNF (North Florida) stats pack

The Ospreys come in at an intimidating 1-4 with that only victory coming over Savannah St. I had no idea what an Osprey was until I googled it. Funny, I never saw this bird of prey in the 4+ years I lived in Orlando.

Anyways, UNF stats

Here's a quick synopsis of them:
- They don't score a lot (58.2 PPG)
- When they do score they're efficient (48.6% FG and 48.4% 3pt FG)
- They turn the ball over a bunch (almost 20 per game)
- 10 of 15 on the roster are sophomores or younger
- no one taller than 6'7"

Prediction: Pain and lots of it. We should absolutely maul them. East Tenn State did and I expect us to do the same. Alabama by 31.

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