Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2nd half 3s fall, LSU hits the wall...

... as back to back to back 3s in under a minute stretches a 3 point lead to 12 and effectively puts the game away for the good guys. 57-38 Bama rolls.

Box score

The 1st half was brutal to watch for both team... it should be required viewing on how NOT to play basketball. The 2nd half we started with Mitchell with a layup, then pressure defense, and then a barrage of 3s from Davis, Torrance, Mitchell, and Hillman. LSU has no answer. When the game got to a double digit lead we worked the inside game with Green and Hines to make sure LSU wasn't coming back.

I thought LSU quit when the lead went to 12 with about 8 minutes left in the game. As bad offensively as we are, LSU is even worse... Tasmin Mitchell is their only real scoring threat.

The good:
- intense defensive play
- Charvez Davis found his outside stroke
- Torrance dishing assists
- overall good ball movement in the 2nd half (finding the open man)

The bad:
- the 1st half... AUful. Forgetable
- crappy FT shooting (started 0-4)

It's funny how a season changes... after beating LSU in Baton Rouge some of us thought we'd be the surprise team in the SEC. 3 losses in a row to Vandy, Arkansas, and Tennessee and all of a sudden we were one of the worst in the SEC, and now back to back home wins over M$U and LSU gives us hope.

Two minor rants:
- Attendance: those empty seats you see on TV are SOLD, but unused. Someone has to find a way to get those tickets to those that will use them. Burns me up...
- I keep hearing we don't have a PG... who is this Torrance fella? He seems to know how to find the open man. He's not a 'true' PG (whatever that means) yet I can't think of 3 other true PGs in the SEC I'd rather have.


Alias said...

We shot better from outside the arc than from the free throw line. Go figure!

Sorry I was too sick to drive up to the game.

bobbyjack said...

I would take you up on the hogs tix but I need 3.
You and DJC could skip out on games for the next 5 years and get a well deserved pass. My comment was directed to those that buy season tix just to up their football tix status.