Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Mal Moore and other Athletic Dept. Administration Officials,

Overall, you are doing a great job. Obviously the Saban hire has worked out, as we just won our 13th National Championship. So far, I think we can all agree that Coach Grant is doing a good job and basketball is finally moving in the right direction. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts.

But PLEASE, stop putting us fans in the position of having to choose between football and basketball. The basketball schedule has been set for some time now. We all know that we play at Arkansas at 12:30 Saturday. I would have enjoyed going to the football championship celebration, but you scheduled it to start at 2 p.m. Thus, anybody who goes to Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday will have to miss at least the second half of the basketball game (against an SEC West opponent, nonetheless).

I was hoping it would start at 3 or 4, so that I could go to Tuscaloosa, watch the bball game on TV, then go to the football championship. The only positive from this scheduling is that I figured if I can't go to the football celebration anyway, I may as well make the trip to Fayetteville. So, if anybody out there is going to the game in Arkansas Saturday, and wants to sit with fellow Bama fans, let me know and we'll try to get tickets together. Last time I went to Fayetteville, Arkansas jumped out to a 26-6 lead and ran us out of the gym, 88-61. I just looked up the box score from that game, in the first half we made 8 FGs and had 9 shots blocked. Let's hope we are a little more competitive this time.


Ell said...

I totally agree - in principle. However, the problem is that Alabama has a full fleet of football recruits in town. To make the schedule work, they have to have an afternoon deal for the recruits (so they can get to dinner - another very important part of the weekend).

So, they made the most of a bad situation, as best they could. Saban would have required an entirely regimented schedule, so there was no possibility of a "30 minutes after conclusion of the basketball game" scheduling.

It's a bad situation, but one that sadly can't be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Am I imagining this or last year didn't we manage to have all home games on January Saturdays?
That way, it's easier to coordinate with football recruiting.

finebammer said...

guys, you just have to know your place.