Saturday, January 09, 2010

LSU stats pack

Alabama opens the season on the road against a rebuilding LSU squad. I think we're catching them at the right time as they'll be much tougher later on in the year.


LSU comes in at 9-5... with a home loss to a bad Utah squad. They did play Washington State tough, but the rest of their tough non conference games showed that they can and will be run out of the building. Led by Tasmin Mitchell in his 13th year (approaching Chad Loup status) at 17.3/9.5 and Storm Warren (14.1/9.9) they'll be a force on the boards. We don't have the bodies to match up with them physically so we'll have to depend on hot shooting and an uptempo offense.

Prediction: Euphoria from the BCSCG tells me that Torrance and Hillman come up HUGE today and we steal one on the road. Bama by 4.

Game time is 5PM EST on FOX Sports Net.

Adjusting from 75 degrees to under 20 in 8 hours is rough... especially when your car doesn't start at the parking lot at the airport. Big shout out to the Hartsfield Airport roadside service for going all out to get me jumped. Turns out the guy was jumping cars all night and his jumper died when jumping mine. Found some jumper cables and got me on my way.

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Hville said...

Euphoria, huh? :)

A couple thoughts, since it's been a while since I've been able to post...

Why did Pearl let Tyler Smith back on the team in the first place? He kicked him off before he played a game there, so he went to Iowa to toil away till transferring back. This lays squarely on Pearl, so it should be taken into consideration if they don't make the tourney.

Went to the UAB-Butler game before Xmas, and for a Tuesday game with school out, their crowd was very good. I would say 80-85% full. First time I've been to a game at Bartow also. Very cozy setting. I wish Coleman were that way, and I really think we screwed the pooch by renovating it.

Our low numbers with losing Steele are very troubling. Why? Why? Why did you leave us Yamene???

Hate I couldn't make it to Pasadena, because I did go to NOLA in '92. Roll Tide anyway... :)