Friday, January 22, 2010

Miss St stats pack

This one's going to be abbreviated... I apologize in advance.

Season statistics

Can we contain Varnado inside, Bost, Stewart, and Ravern Johnson outside, and find some offense? M$U is 3-0 in conference, but a combined 10 points is the margin of victory. They can be had... the question is can do we have the manpower to take them down Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

- 75.3 PPG
- 45.8% FG
- 40.2% 3pt FG
- 8.5 block per game
- +6.9 rebound margin

Prediction: This one doesn't look good for us... they score 75 give up 61, we can't seem to find an offense, they own the glass, we have problems there... all signs point to this being ugly. I just don't see how we can match up inside with them and our shooting woes are unlikely to end against a superior defensive team like the Bulldogs from Starkville. M$U and Slick Rick by 12.

Game time is noon EST (11AM CST) on CBS. Maybe being on network TV fires up the team to play inspired basketball. I hope so.


MSmilie said...

Ah hell, I'll pick Alabama to win a close one. What's the opening line on how many Bama fans can't make the 11 am tip?

DJC said...

If we can keep it an up tempo game, turn them over, and find our outside shot, we can beat them. I really want this one.

bobbyjack said...

If it were football it would be sold out... my guess is around 12000 by the 2nd half.... quite a few of them M$U fans.