Saturday, January 23, 2010

M$U sink a three, Bama fans celebrate with glee

A defensive struggle won by the good guys... 62-57.
Box Score

CAG had a great gameplan... pressure the ball to keep M$U's offense out of sync. It worked. Varnado struggled, their guards couldn't hit the outside shot, and for the most part they seemed lost on offense... taking bad shot after bad shot. Torrance and Green came up big today, Hillman and Brock played great D, and Toni Mitchell pulled in 12 boards.

We struggled at times in the offense... every time we pushed the lead out to double digits, State tightened the D and we went into a xCMG cold spell that let them back into the game. Until the previous years this team kept on chugging along and got the momentum back.

I've been harsh on Hillman... and while he had another miserable offensive game he was a big reason we won today. His defensive play and pulling in 9 boards was HUGE.

The good:
- as mentioned... DEFENSE. Held State to 31.7% FG and 2-18 from beyond the arc.
- Torrance and Green combined for 38 points.
- Out rebounded State and was especially aggressive on the offensive glass.
- Brock with 2 big 3s and he also played great defense.

The bad:
- we didn't shoot much better than State (35% FG).
- Offensive lapses.
- Take out Torrence and Brock and the team shot 0-7 from 3. We need someone else to step up.

Let's see what this win does for us the next 2 weeks... we have a chance to win the next 3.


DocFumbles said...

I do like the energy that Hillman shows on defense. My only worry is that he has this "all or nothing" mentality from time to time, I.E. he'll either block a shot or foul trying to block a shot.

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