Sunday, January 03, 2010

Toledo stats pack and some random basketball thoughts

First the stats
Next the writeup from the

Alright, the Rockets suck... 3-10 coming into this contest with a scary 3-3 home record. Yes, this is our first true road game, but looking at Toledo's results this year it seems that when they're matched up with a decent team they get run out fo the gym.

Jake Barnett and Stephen Albrecht lead the team in scoring at 14.1 and 11.2 per with Mouhamed Lo pulling in 5.3 board per game. The team doesn't score a lot (60 PPG), but play decent D (44.6%) so I expect a slow paced game.

More stats:
- 42.8% Fg
- 36.5% 3pt FG
- 62.8% FT
- 15.5 turnovers per game

Prediction: If this was last year I'd say we'd lose... after all I saw us lose by 20+ to a Oregon team that went 0-18 in the PAC 10. Being this is a new year with a new coach I predict victory as I have to assume 1) CAG won't let them get down on themselves and 2) Mitchell is back from the flu. Alabama by 9.

Game time is 7PM EST (6PM CST) Monday night. I didn't see it listed for TV so radio or internet feed is your way to follow the action. I'll be honest... I might catch the 1st half as I've got travel plans to Pasadena coming up.

Random hoops thoughts
- My top 5 teams in the country: Kansas, Kentucky, Purdue, Villanova, Texas. Based on what I've seen from each.
- I started paying attention to hoops outside of Alabama about 2 weeks ago. Sure I watched a few games before that, but I started watching games more closely a week before Christmas. The one and done to the NBA is partially to blame... and us playing in the BCSCG.
- The Arenas/Crittenden drawing guns (allegedly) episode in the NBA is sure to reconfirm those that believe the NBA is out of control. I guess I can't get past the storing guns in the locker room part. You'd figure they'd have them in the glove compartment for safety.
- The SEC is horrible this year. Outside of Kentucky and Ole Miss the league is way down. I thought Florida was back after beating Michigan State, but losing back to back to Richmond and at home to South Alabama changed my tune.
- The ACC is wide open this year. Duke and UNC are no better than FSU or Wake with VA Tech a step behind.
- What the heck happened to UCLA and Arizona? They don't rebuild they should reload. barring a miracle neither will be NCAA dancing this year.

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