Friday, February 12, 2010

Arkansas stats pack II

The leaders of the West... might be the most surprising thing in the SEC this year especially considering their non-conference start. They're currently on a 5 game winning streak.

Season stats

Fortson, Clarke, and Powell combine for 51 of the 75PPG the Razorbacks average. If you looked at the stats, you'd think the return of Fortson would've made them worse, but he's been the sparkplug behind their resurgence in the 2nd half of the season. We don't have a guard that can adequately cover him so man to man is not going to cut it tomorrow if we want to win. We got to watch Clarke from beyond the arc as in years past the slow white guy was our kryptonite. Clarke is actually a decent player, but the point remains. We're better this year against this and overall defending the 3, but the ghosts of Gottfried past still haunt me.

It's good to see that Michael Washington is a senior as it seems like he played with Todd Day, Lee Mayberry, and Oliver Miller.

- 45.2% FG
- 36% 3pt FG
- 68.7% FT
- 13 turnovers per game

Prediction: 2 teams going in different directions. One has lost 7 of 9 and the other is on a 5 game winning streak with road wins at Ole Miss and UGA. I'll take us anyways... Bama by 4.

I was planning on going to the game, but this snow turning to ice thing might change my plans. I'll know tomorrow morning if the roads from West GA to Tuscaloosa are driveable. I was told Birmingham to Tuscaloosa is alright... just that 90 minutes east of there that I'm sweating.

Game time is 4PM EST (3PM CST) on the SEC network.


MSmilie said...
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MSmilie said...

Arkansas is a wonderful example of why college basketball is so great. A month ago they were dead in the water, and suddenly they're owners of a five-game winning streak and leading the western division. Unbelievable. I had written off Pelphrey earlier in the season, but I have to give him props for the rebound.

I think Alabama will win tomorrow as well, but I expect a tough game. Arkansas is playing well right now. They've got a nice inside-outside combination with Fortson/Clarke and Powell/Washington. Alabama will have to play a full forty to beat this team. Unfortunately Alabama will have to pick its poison. Do you let Fortson and Clarke go nuts or do you take your lumps with their inside game? I think Bama will choose to try and limit Fortson and Clarke, thereby paving the way for Washington and Powell to have a big day against Bama's soft inside game.

Keys to an Alabama victory as I see it:

1)Contain Fortson and Clarke on the perimeter.

2)Need good games from Torrance and Green. It also wouldn't hurt if Brock and Charvez knocked down some perimeter shots.

3)Stay mentally tough. Arkansas is a very confident team right now. It wouldn't surprise me if they jumped out to an early lead. Alabama must show poise if things get off to a rough start.

4)Hopefully what fans do show up tomorrow will stay in the game if Arkansas does grab an early lead.

5)Finally, Alabama must limit their turnovers. The last thing they want to do is let Fortson run up and down the court making layups. Alabama must keep pressure on him because he is prone to turning the ball over a lot.

I think Arkansas builds an early lead, but Alabama shows poise and keeps it close before making a few plays at the end to win it. However it happens, I just hope Alabama wins. They need some success right now.