Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bama gives it the ol' college try, Wildcats don't look so fly...

... but they win and that's what counts. 66-55 is your final from Rupp Arena.

I thought our D was stifling. We controlled Wall, forcing him into 6 turnovers. I know he put 22 on the board... about a half dozen of them Sportscenter top 10 shots, but overall I liked how we dictated the tempo of the game. Torrance had a horrible game... actually we had 1 player shoot 50% for the game and it's a cheapie (1-2 for Davis). Green showed flashes of brilliance inside, but overall was way too soft in there... fading away at just about every shot. Hines picked up 5 offensive boards, but I can't remember him putting back but one of them.

We had ample opportunites to win this game. We failed on eleventy billion fast breaks and missed too many open shots. we are what we are... we try hard, but just don't have the horses.

The good:
- 90% FT
- held UK to under 20% 3pt FGs
- only 12 TOs

The bad:
- our offense... pathetic in the halfcourt
- outrebounded 40-29. Not surprising, but the -11 translates to missed opportunities.
- got UK's C game and didn't take advantage of it.

A nice showing, but this isn't horseshoes and hand grenades... another game we could've stolen, but didn't take advantage of the many chances UK gave us.

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