Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bama stopped scoring, postseason door closing...

... as UGA pulls out a close one 76-70

Trey Thompkins pulled down 17 boards to go with his 21 points. He was a force late in the second half... one that we had no answer for. I remember looking up at the scoreboard seeing us with a 52-40 lead with around 10 minutes to go... and then the offense went in it's normal shell for a 5 minute stretch giving UGA the chance to rally. They did so by dominating the paint and with some timely shots by Leslie and McPhee from the outside.

We have the softest big men in the SEC. It seems that on the offensive end they're fading away from the basket or when they do 'attempt' to go strong it ends up rejected or turns into a circus shot. It's like they're afraid to bang inside. On the defensive end they give up too much space which leads to easier shots on that end.

Another note... if you looked at the stats with about 10 minutes left everything pointed to UGA dominating except for the FT difference. I believe we had 24 attempts to their 9 at one point, but they made up for that later on. They were shooting 50%, had more shots, outrebounded us, had more assists, and less turnovers. Like I noted above we were up by 12.

Like I said in the comments, there was a nice showing of Bama fans. I would guess several hundred (400 or more) in a place that was 2/3rd full (which was surprising to me).

Hillman and Green had a nice 1st half, but disappeared in the 2nd... flip that with Torrance. Brock also had a decent game, but also disappeared in the 2nd half. 9 of the 14 turnovers were by our big men, but we only had 8 assists so we weren't moving the ball all that well.

Another game where we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory (or something like that... too lazy to reference). The blame for this one is everywhere... the players and coaches.


DJC said...

Two very similiar teams, both in the first year of a new coach, both with some decent wins but a lot of close losses. Hines fouled out trying to guard their big men. We had no answers for their post play. The press was effective and we forced a lot of turnovers...UGA cannot handle the ball. I wonder if we got tired down the stretch from all the pressing and the lack of depth? We definitely got timid after building the 13 point lead. It's like we play not to lose instead of playing to win.

Like you said, we had a decent crowd although not many around where I was sitting. The UGA fans were gracious hosts for the most part.

At this point, we may be better off letting auburn pass us for 4th in the conference so we can get the 5 sede in the SEC tournament and avoid a second round matchup with UK.

DJC said...

One other thing...maybe somebody watching on TV can answer this, but why did the officials make Green come out of the game with about 3 mins left? UGA was shooting Free throws, a ref told Green to head to the bench then he explained something to Coach first thought was blood but it did not look like the trainer immediately looked at him, and Green came back in shortly after that. Still, that was 2 possessions without him in the game at a critical point in the game. The only thing I could come up with was he didn't have shirt tucked in or his draw string was out and he had been previously warned, but still...that seems awful petty to make him come out at that point in the game. Does anybody know what all that was about?

Anonymous said...

There was no blood on him. His drawstring WAS out.

This may be being picky, but why do you call a timeout with 5.5 seconds to go in the FIRST half, just as you're getting the ball over half court on a fast break?

DJC said...

The timeout at the end of the 1st half was a good call, and an improvement over how we handled the end of the 1st half in the Arkansas game. UGA had numbers back, so it was NOT a fast break opportunity. We had not used a timeout to that point, and you cannot carry all 5 timeouts over into the 2nd half, so it was use that 30 second timeout or lose it. Given our problems with turning the ball over in that situation, it was a good call...Unfortunately we didn't draw up a very good play and ended up turning it over anyway.

Unknown said...

Check it out. Alonzo Gee took 2nd in the NBDL Dunk Competition

finebammer said...

ok, guys, time for me to fess up:

go easy on me.

bobbyjack said...

Heh... I wish I cashed in on the idea. I could be RICH!

My old lady bought me one last September... it reconfirmed what I said about it. It's ugly, builds up static, and for the most part useless. I'm about to make liner out of it for the litter box.