Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hey hey hey, who drew up that last play? (Gators beat Bama)

More thoughts tomorrow as I only saw the last five minutes... I have no idea who drew up that last play, but it was horrendous. If i closed my eyes I would've thought this was drawn up in 2006.

As one of my friends pointed out...3 SEC losses by 1 point. That's the difference between contenders and pretenders. We are pretenders.

Box score 66-65 final.

Losing Steele and Jemison for the year is probably another reason we'll be lucky to sniff postseason play. Damn.

Edit- more thoughts... we tried the same play on the last possession. Why? We had to burn a TO on the first try.

Mitchell and I discussed what Yamene Coleman could've meant to this team right now. Losing Steele and Jemison to injuries and Coleman to transfer are the little pieces we're missing from this being a surprise NCAA berth to sitting at home after the SECT. What could have been...

DJC outlined the game nicely (as usual) in comments and discussed (as others) about our lack of a clutch player. Torrance isn't one, but he's the only guy I trust somewhat with the ball in the last minute of the game.


DJC said...

Gotta think Steele and Jemison would be worth at least another point in those games.

It feels like groundhog's day, the same thing over and over. At least our defense is keeping us in games, although our D wasn't nearly as good tonight. Florida made some open outside shots and their 5'8" guard reminded of South Carolina's Downey out there down the stretch. They are very solid fundamentally, set good screens, and their bigs can knock down the mid range jumpers which makes them difficult to defend.

As usual, we had a halftime lead, built up a 6 point lead in the 2nd half, and blew it. We just can't put teams away when we have the chance. We've got to get mentally tougher. Florida controlled the tempo. It seemed like we were up against the shot clock every time they went to the zone. We made some shots against it early, then they stopped falling. We FINALLY started attacking the basket and was able to get to the line, where we stunk it up as usual.

Torrance had a great game overall, but I'm beginning to think he just isn't clutch. I know it's unfair to compare him with Ron Steele, but Steele had a unique ability to know exactly what needed to be done in the final minute of a game. He knew when to try to draw the foul and he had the ability to knock down the buzzer beater. Torrance, on the other hand, seems to get wild and always tries to draw the contact and the foul, and it never works.

I like Chris Hines, he plays hard and is a great asset on defense, but he really doesn't bring anything to the table on offense. With our offense struggling as badly as it is, especially against the zone, I'd like to see Knox in there a little more.

We had the lead with under a minute to go, and got the needed stop, but once again an offensive rebound killed us. We played good defense but their little guard made another improbable shot.

I can't belive I'm saying this, but the high post actually worked pretty well the 2 or 3 times we ran it with Knox and Green in there against the zone. Maybe we should bring it back. On second thought....

Major Kudos to Anthony Brock. His stat line may not have been that impressive, but he pretty much kept us in the game late with his 2 steals and resulting fast breaks to overcome the 4 point defecit.

Charves Davis needs to get over being gun shy. He passed up a couple of good looks. He had one good look in the corner and the great Ted Valentine blew an inadvertant whistle, who knows if Davis would have let it fly or not.

That last play was awful. Given the angle of the inbounds pass and where Green was posted up, there was absolutely no way we were making that play clean. With 3.5 seconds left, we had enough time to inbound the ball to the elbow or the wing, then look for the pass into the post. Credit UF's defender with making a very smart play and just slapping it to the other end.

This is probably the most brutal 3 game stretch anybody in the SEC will face. I said 1-2 out of Florida, @Ole Miss, and @Kentucky would be a success. Now we have to win in Oxford Saturday evening to make that happen.

Sorry for the long rambling post in the comments, but I really don't have time to proofread or make a proper entry on the main section of the blog.

Alias said...

I think most of us knew before the season started we did not have the horses we needed to run with the leaders in our league. I think tremendous credit has to go to Coach Grant, his staff and our players for making so many of these games so close. This is another game I would not have picked us to win before the season started. Like the other three one-point losses, this one hurts because it is a game our team could have and should have won.

I got to Coleman Coliseum by about 4:30 (trying to beat out the rain and all the school buses on the road). Torrance was out shooting all by himself when I arrived and stayed all alone for about ten minutes. Green must have shot 15 or 20 free throws and hit all but one or two of them. He still had trouble at the line again tonight.

I watched Davis almost exclusively during the shoot around before the "offical" warm ups started. He could not buy a three from anywhere on the court but one spot. We used to joke that Charles Cleveland had put an X on the court where he could hit his hold up jump shot. Maybe Davis needs to do that too. If he cannot get back the confidence he needs in his shot, he is not going to give us much offensive help.

I still do not understand the officiating in these games. The calls I really questioned seemed to even out. I guess it was a good day to be a fan and not a zebra. I texted my buddy in Maryland when I saw Valentine on the court and told him we were in trouble, but I don't think he hurt us any more than he hurt the Gators.

Things will get better. I'm not sure we will see much better results this season. I am encouraged though by the effort.

Rocky Mountain High Tide said...

What's frustrating to me, inspite of the lack of SEC caliber talent and no depth, in each of these close losses (even adding Tennessee), it's just been a failure in one aspect of the game that has kept us from winning. Against Vandy we couldn't knock down any shots, turnovers killed us against the barn and tonight our lack of rebounding cost us the game.

I do have to remind myself that the last few years we rarely lost close games, and that's because it was usually a total team failure and we lost by 20. So the results are the same but we're a much better team with less talent.

I do applaud the team for the 5-0 run to take the lead with less than a minute, and knowing that even if the Gators scored we'd have about 10 seconds to score ourselves, I was actually confident of the win. Once UF scored to go up 1, I had a quick debate in my head about calling timeout or just going straight to the hoop. I personally prefer just going so I was happy with the decision. But in retrospect, if Torrance had dribbled past half court and called timeout, we'd had about 6 seconds and the ability to inbound on the side.

At least 80% of the conference games are going to come down to the final minutes and to win these close ones when you're not playing perfect, you need a cluth player. We don't have one and that's probably going to be the difference in going to the NCAAs and sitting home.

MSmilie said...

For what it's worth, during his post game interview Grant took full responsibility for the final play.

One thing I've noticed: Grant doesn't seem very keen on doing the postgame interviews, particularly after a loss. Last night Chris Stewart was barely able to coax ten words out of coach about the game. It was obvious he was frustrated with the way the game ended and the way this season is going. I don't know about you guys, but that's what I want from my team's coach. I want a guy who cares when the team loses instead of some asshat who banters on for five minutes how proud he is of the team after losing by 15 points.

Things will get better.

Anonymous said...

UCLA won the NC with the high post. It's execution that counts!

Anonymous said...

"Duck!", Is he still campus security?