Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Links: Grant's goal at Alabama and Alabama season stats

Thanks to 'Rocky Mountain High Tide' for the link. It sounds very much like that football coach we have...

BIRMINGHAM - First-year coach Anthony Grant will know that he has Alabama where he wants it by judging the length of pregame and postgame handshakes at Southeastern Conference basketball games.

Grant spoke today to the Birmingham Tip Off Club. He noted the fact that he might be new at Alabama, but he isn't new in the SEC. He flashed back to his first of 10 years on the Florida staff after Billy Donovan was named the head coach there in 1996.

"We started two walk-ons," Grant said. "We weren't very good. I remember going around the league, and you know how you do the pregame handshakes and postgame handshakes? There were several times across the league we would go, and I tell you, Billy Donovan really made a great impression on a lot of coaches those first couple of years. It seemed like everywhere we went, people told him what a great job he did, how happy they were for the opportunity he had gotten and what a great situation it was.

"Then I remember the last couple of years there, the handshakes were a lot quicker, a lot briefer, and guys would move on."

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For those that like stats... here's the first link this year to ours.

If you looked purely at the stats you'd think we'd be in the top half of the SEC.
- 70% FT
- 45% FG
- 35% 3pt FG (which surprised me... thought it was much worse)
- 63.2 PPG allowed


finebammer said...

great link. i like kausler. less koolaid, better info.

the 63 ppg allowed stat jumps out at me the most. of course this was grant's m o when hired.

kentucky's a very talented team but very raw. a more talented team playing grant style defense will beat them in the tourney. mentally, cousins reminds me of rod grizzard. tremendous talent but weak minded.

grant's success at alabama will be decided on the recruiting trail. i'm not a recruiting junkie but i'm starting to think keeping in-state recruits at home in basketball may be a bit over-rated. we should be able to sign who we want in-state but look at the top programs. they sign players from around the country.

if making our basketball program as good as our football program is the goal........ok, i'm dreaming again!

bobbyjack said...

I agree with you on not worrying too much about the instate players. I believe if they're coveted by bigger programs they will go there... unless they're lifetime Bama fans.

I've said for a long time we need someone to look at PGs from the NE. Obviously we're not getting the best of the crop up there, but IMO a middling one is better than what you'll find in the SE.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: Would you (and Grant) really have wanted Cousins on our team this year?