Friday, February 05, 2010

Midseason grades- SEC team by team

The A List
Vanderbilt- A. we thought they'd be decent, but tied for the best record in the SEC behind Kentucky? Give that guy a raise... especially by doing what Kansas couldn't do... beat UTK in Knoxville.

Kentucky- I lean to A- as I still haven't seen them play a full 40 minutes. If they do, they'll be cutting the nets down.

The B Listers
Tennessee- B+. 4 players suspended (3 return) did not derail them. Pearl has done a nice job... beating Kansas and continuing his dominance over Eddie Munster.

Average Joes (C List)
UGA- they get a C+... on paper they're horrible, yet they've given every team they've played in the SEC a scare. I still don't understand why Fox left Nevada for this, but it looks like a nice hire.

Alabama- C+ as well... the difference between a 6-2 and 3-5 conference record are 3 one point losses. With the injuries to Jemison and Steele (season ending) it's amazing we're even competitive.

Ole Miss- C. They shouldn't have lost to M$U and the Hogs at home. This team is clearly underachieving.

South Carolina- C. beating UK was huge, but they dropped too many other games to deserve anything more than an average grade.

Florida- C as well... they should be better than 5-3 in the mediocre SEC... and they would be worse if it weren't for some last second heroics in the USC light and Bama games.

Mississippi State- C-. About 2 weeks ago they were a B+ then came the mini freefall. They should be OWNING the SEC West. Instead, Arkansas is leading the pack.

Arkansas- C- as well, but movin' on up (to quote The Jeffersons... badly) The return of the ball hog Fortson has helped immensely. Still, that embarrassing start to the season cannot be overlooked.

D Lister
Auburn- D+. By now they should be more than just competitive. I like Lebo, but I think he's doomed there.

Man You Suck (F)
LSU- F. I know they lost a lot from last year, but this team has no heart or determination. At no point should LSU be this horrific.

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