Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Midweek Musings on Steele and $tate

With no midweek game this week, here are a couple of items that may be of interest:

Ron Steele seems to be doing well in Israel. Below is a cut and paste from an email being circulated by the Birmingham Jewish Federation:

Former Alabama star Ronald Steele now plays professional basketball in Israel.

Former University of Alabama basketball star Ronald Steele is now playing professional basketball in Israel. Ronald played for the Crimson Tide from 2004-2009.

Birmingham Jewish community member Layne Held, who has known Ronald since seventh grade, reconnected with him recently (see below link) and encouraged Ronald to send some impressions of Israel to Update. Here is what Ronald wrote:

By Ronald Steele

Hi everybody. I'm currently in Israel playing professional basketball for Bnei Hasharon. It's a team right outside of Tel Aviv in a town called Herzliya. Two of my former college teammates, Erwin Dudley and Rod Grizzard, played in Israel a few years ago. (Many at the Levite Jewish Community Center know Erwin from time he spent at the LJCC.)

A few things that immediately stand out about this country are how family-oriented Israelis are, what a major role family plays in their culture, and how dedicated everyone is to their religion. The love and passion people have for their country and their culture is very inspiring and is foreign to me.

Before arriving here, I didn't know much about Judaism. After being in Jerusalem, I was quickly able to see the history, passion, and love people have for their religion, and it is remarkable.

Even though I'm a Christian, to see how welcoming and open people are gives me strength in my own faith. Also, much of Christian history comes from the Jewish beliefs, and it gives you insight on where it all started. Learning many of the traditions and customs has given me an opportunity to grow much more as a person.


With all you see on television and being from America, you get a distorted image of a place. Although I'm aware of the hostilities that surround living here, you honestly would never know they are currently going on. Since I've been here, I have felt no danger at all. As a matter of fact, I feel much safer walking down the street at night here than I would at home. You really have to watch television in order to be reminded of the conflict while living here.

I have had an opportunity to travel to Jerusalem where I visited many different places. Words can't do my feelings justice, but to say it was POWERFUL would be an understatement! For me, I could feel the spirit of God there with us, and it was just an unbelievable experience.

I would say the thing that bothers me the most is the traffic and driving. People here drive very, very aggressively and coming from the American South, you don't see that as much. So, that can definitely get annoying.

The advice I would give about Israel would be just to have an open mind about trying new things and embrace the culture. Many things are different, but I would say we are more similar than different. Israel is a beautiful place, and I'm very blessed to have an opportunity to be here.


Good for Ron, he is a class act. Speaking of class, or rather a lack thereof, Miss $tate fans showed the rest of the country last night what those of us who have been regular visitors to Starkville have known for years: They are by far least civilized fans in the country.

First, they somehow got Demarcus Cousins' cell phone number and proceeded to post it on fliers around campus. Next, several students left him voicemails and text messages with racial slurs. $tate blew a 7 point lead late to lose in overtime, and there were some questionable calls down the stretch. With 2 seconds to play, the game already decided and UK on their way to the free throw line, full water bottles and cokes came raining down onto the court from the rafters, narrowly missing an official and a UK player. The game was delayed for a couple of minutes to clean up the mess. The announcers even said they were having to duck at the scorer's table. Calipari had to leave his post game interview yelling "Whoa Whoa!" and ushering his players off the court. When asked about it, he said, "I don't know what's going on here, we've got bottles flying all around," and you could hear someone close by yell "look out!" indicating that they were still having to dodge objects. After the interview, the cameras followed Calipari out the tunnel where you could clearly see grown adults, not students, cursing the UK players and coaches.

It should be noted that at no point did $lick Rick $tansbury ever go to the mic to tell his white trash following to behave, nor has the m$u athletic Dept. issued any sort of apology. Pat Forde best described the scene..."And then their fans – some of whom are the nastiest and most vulgar I’ve heard in 19 years of covering SEC basketball – embarrassed the school by throwing bottles on the

Classless M$U fans

That low rent operation, everything from their sleazeball coach down to their trashy, racist fan base is an embarrassment to the SEC. I hope Commissioner Slive hits them a fine sufficient to put a dent in their payroll, er, recruiting budget for next season.


bobbyjack said...

Damn... I missed that. Was watching the Olympics instead. Miserable behavior indeed. I hope some of them were caught on camera... wait a minute... they barely have indoor plumbing.

finebammer said...

yes, we know the state fans.

but forgot to mention uk players were taunting the fans before and after the game.

two way street, guys.

DJC said...

finebammer, normally I would agree, but under the circumstances I have no problem with the UK players, especially Cousins, talking trash. $tate fans deserved it.