Thursday, February 25, 2010

No witty title, State beats Bama 74-66

I can only post the box score as I did not see one minute of the game. Looks like we hung close with them throughout which is nice.

I'm wondering why Tony Mitchell's PT has been decreasing... with our lack of scorers shouldn't he be out there more? I like that Hines seems to be the only big man we have that actively crashes the boards, but he's an offensive liability.

It is what it is I guess.


Alias said...

Alabama simply does not have the bodies it needs to play a physical game underneath the basket. Will Perdue kept talking about how Jarvis Varnado was putting his hands straight up in the air to avoid fouling the shooters, but the truth is that there was plenty of contact on at least half of M$U's blocks. That contact simply is not going to be whistled in some games, and that is particularly true where the home team is concerned in the SEC. The Dogs played us tough and physical underneath the basket and we do not have the players necessary to match them strength for strength. We also do not have the pure shooters necessary to match their twos with threes.

M$U kept us in the game to a large degree by throwing up unnecessary three point shots. The missed all but about two - until the last 7 or 8 minutes of the game. Bama pulled back to within one point after Varnado earned his record. State got the ball, dribbled around in the half court for 30 seconds, then their guard threw up a shot from about 6 feet outside the arc that hit nothing but net. That shot energized the Dog defense that came way out to harrass our "ball handlers." After they got the ball back, State threw in another three to extend their lead and never looked back.

Every dog has its day and the better dog won the fight last night. Being a Conference fan I hope M$U makes it to the big dance and wins some games. I look forward to the day when we can play them at full strength again. Until them, I wish them nothing but the best.

GumpW said...

We play hard. We kept playing when we got 11 down in the second half. There are frustrating mistakes - some effort and some carelessness.

Both shots by Bost were what you would like them to take in that situation, particularly the first which was the result of outstanding defense. To his credit, he nailed them. Sometimes you just have tip your hat and go on.

I did not see the first Green foul but the second (offensive foul while shooting against Vanardo) was as bad a call as you will see. [It may be just me but it appears that TG can always be counted on for a crucial call against us. I think he is better than most of the turkeys (damning with faint praise) but there is just something about it.]

I think Vanardo is a great player and deserves the accolades. Nonetheless, he is the Shaq of the SEC. He gets away with murder at times. He fouled out in the last minute in Tuscaloosa on "2 for 1 for JV Day" (he fouled out on his 10th foul). Alot of times he does not foul but it is difficult to leave it to the turkeys to distinguish. All that being said, they are certainly the better team and hit the big shots when they needed them. It was not an example of good coaching by RS. The three big shots bailed him out of a mediocre coaching job.

I think that we should be very proud of the effort and try to swallow the frustration until we "learn how to win" - a skill long neglected.

DJC said...

Alias, I agree with everything you said except hoping they make the NCAA tournament. $tansbury is a sleazeball, their fans are generally the worst in the country, their campus and town is a complete shithole, and they are an embarassment to the SEC. I hope they never win another game.