Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ole Miss 2nd half explosion, Bama's O goes through the motion(s)

74-67 your final... quite frankly a game we choked away.

It was a tale of 2 halves... we looked unbeatable in the 1st half shooting 65% and forcing Ole Miss to take bad three after bad three. The defense was stifling as none of their guards got into any rhythm going against our zone defense. Torrance was dishing, Green was scoring, and Mitchell and Hillman joined in on the fun as we ran off to a 40-20 halftime lead.

Then the 2nd half. We bump the lead to 23 early and then inexplicably we switched to man 2 man defense. Warren started to get hot. Andy Kennedy switch Polynice over to cover Torrance and things started to slow down for us. Great move on AK's part. Our offense went into a shell. A few bad shots by Torrance and Hines with Green getting pushed out of the paint and the next thing you know Ole Miss is within 10 under 10 minutes to go.

Instead of regurgitating the last 10 minutes, I'll make it short and sweet... we looked lost on O and were getting beat down on the defensive end. Terrance Henry all of a sudden became one of the best forwards in the SEC... at least for this game as he dominated both sides in the paint. Once Ole Miss took the lead we all knew it was over.

The good:
- 1st half
- held Ole Miss to 21% from 3pt range

The bad:
- 54 points given up in the 2nd half (we scored 27)
- Got bullied inside by unexpected players.
- foul trouble
- again, looked lost in the half court offense.

It's another game we let slip away. With a beatdown at Kentucky coming, all of a sudden it's looking bleak for us to win 6 in conference play.


39 Steps said...

Is it lack of will or exhaustion?

bobbyjack said...

I didn't see hands on the waists from any of our players so I'm ruling out exhaustion. Otherwise we would've seen Eblen or Davis (for more than 3 minutes) in there tonight.

I don't think it's lack of will either so I'm going with execution.

finebammer said...

well, according to comments after the game, our coach thinks it's lack of will.

the jury's still out in my view on whether this guy can get the job done. don't get me wrong, i like what i see so far.

and isn't it refreshing to have a coach who can come out of the lockerroom after a meltdown like this and call a spade.......a spade.

that in itself gives me hope.




Alias said...

Where was the game being shown on television? I did not see it in my local listings.

Anonymous said...

Fox Sports South i believe.

39 Steps said...
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39 Steps said...

I don't think the players need a pep talk from Saban again, but I do think CAG may need one.

MSmilie said...

For those blaming the coaching staff for yesterday's loss, here is an interesting quote from Mikhail Torrance in today's Birmingham News:

"Coach Grant puts us in a position to win every game," he said. "At the end of the day, it's on us. He can't play for us. You could see in the first half, he put us in position, We played our game plan and we were up by 20. It's all on the players."

That's exactly right. I'm not saying the coaching staff is above criticism in its first year, but sometimes a players will to win must overcome everything else. If a team doesn't have that will to win, it's not going to happen.

DJC said...

Again, we have no clutch players on this team. We expect to lose, and don't have the guts to make the plays to win the game. When old piss started coming back, instead of answering we went into a shell. Hillman missed a wide open layup. Torrance committed another turnover at a crucial point in the game and missed the front end of a one and one AGAIN. For an 85% FT shooter, he sucks under pressure. Green, also normally a decent FT shooter, missed TWO from the line late in the game.

Grant and staff deserve some blame for this loss too. You all know that I normally prefer a man to man defense over a zone, but it was painfully obvious in the 2nd half that their guards were too quick for us. They made the adjustment at halftime to attack the basket with penetration, and they beat us off the dribble every time. The result was easy baskets and fouls. I understand the concern that they would heat up from beyond the arc, but at the very least we should have mixed it up a little more to keep them off balance. Speaking of which, we didn't press at all. I know they have good ball handlers, but the press is part of our identity as a team and I don't think you can just completely get away from it.

Tuesday night will be an ass kicking of epic proportions. I normally don't drink in the middle of the week, but I'm going to need to something strong to be able to watch that whole game.

finebammer said...