Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ole Miss stats pack

A quick turnaround after a heartbreaking loss to the Gators... let's see how the team responds.

Ole Miss

Chris Warren and Terrico White lead the team in scoring with Murphy Holloway leading the team in rebounds. Size wise, we match up well, but I'm not sure we have the guards to cover them. Watch Warren from beyond the arc as he's draining 3s as well as he's shooting overall.

Something that I just noticed... we haven't scored 70 points in a SEC game this year. Damn.

- 80.6 PPG
- 46.3% FG
- 37.1% 3pt FG
- 67% FT
- 7.6 steals per game

Prediction: Can the team rebound from a heartbreaking loss on Thursday night? I think it's too much for a quick turnaround road game. Too much Warren and not enough offense dooms us. Ole Miss by 11.

Game is on Fox Sports South at 6PM EST (5PM CST). If you're outside the Southeast and have access to it's on there as well.

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MSmilie said...

Ole Miss is drifting dangerously near the bubble. I expect them to be focused for this game. The next two games for Bama may not be pleasant experiences.