Tuesday, February 02, 2010

SEC Power Poll Week of Jan 31st and ESPN Bracketology

From Garnettandblackattack.com

We agree that UK is the best and LSU is the worst. Click on the link to see where the rest fall according to us SEC bloggers.

2 of last years Final Four on the bubble? Seems that way.
Acoording to Joe, the Big East gobbles up 4 of the top 8 seeds. Seems about right... although I still think Syracuse is overrated.


MSmilie said...

Bobby: In my opinion, Syracuse is easily one of the top five teams in the country right now. They have size and length everywhere on the court, a potential pro in Wes Johnson, a great frontcourt with Jackson and Onuaku, a terrific shooter in Rautins and two solid point guards in Trinche and Jardine. Not to mention they play fantastic defense. And they have a Hall of Fame coach. They're a serious threat to cut down the nets.

Now, would I have said that before the season began? Hell no. I thought they would be good, but not great. Boeheim has done a fantastic job with this team.

bobbyjack said...

There's something about Syracuse I don't like. I can't put my finger on it, but I see this team making it as far as the Sweet 16... no further.

I'm not a big Boeheim fan... and I don't think he'd be thought of as a great coach if it wasn't for Carmelo, Hakim, and McNamara winning it all over Kansas.

I guess my real bias is I never liked Syracuse and it might play a part in me undervaluing them. I've disliked them since the Derrick Coleman days.

MSmilie said...

Bobby: Winning a title helps a coach's reputation, but I believe the 800+ victories he's amassed hasn't hurt.