Saturday, February 20, 2010

UGA stats pack

2 bad teams enter... only one comes out the victor.
Season stats

To be honest I don't think I've seen more than 15 total minutes of UGA basketball. I know they play hard, have a win over Vandy, and played Kentucky tough at Rupp.

Here's the write up from the Dawgs site.

- 67.9 PPG
- 45.6% FG
- 36.4% 3pt FG
- 72.7% FT
- +3.8 rebound margin

Got to watch Trey Thompkins inside as I suspect we'll have problems with him. Ricky McPhee will chuck up the majority of 3s so someone needs to keep an eye on him. Other than him, defend inside and make them beat you from the perimeter.

Prediction: It's going to be an ugly game... really ugly. In the end UGA has too much size and we don't have a perimeter threat to counter that. Dawgs by 7.

Game time is 4PM EST (3PM CST) on the SEC Network. I'll be there with a crowd of other spectators enjoying the darkness of Stegeman Coliseum.


MSmilie said...

Georgia is improving. They beat the crap out of Tennessee in Athens earlier, took out a good Vandy team and also own wins over potential NCAA Tournament teams, Illinois and Georgia Tech. I also think they're a step or two ahead of Alabama in terms of overall talent.

I think it's a close game for a half, but Georgia will take over in the second half and win by double digits.

Unknown said...

This isn't related to the Georgia game but I figured I'd share. I really think Anthony Grant is going to turn Alabama into an SEC West contender year in and year out.

I was thinking about some of the absurd amounts of talent Gottfried had and how underachieving those teams generally were.

2002- (17-12)
PG- M. Williams/Pettway
SG- Shelton/E. Thomas
SF- Winston
PF- K. Walker
C- E. Dudley

Started off 9-0, ranked #1 before dropping 11 of their last 19. First round exit. There was just too much talent on this team for them to win only 17 games.

2003: (20-13)
PG- Pettway
SG- Shelton/E. Thomas
SF- Winston
PF- Davis
C- Davidson

One of the most talented and most memorable Bama teams under Gottfried. Could shoot lights out from downtown. Still, with that much talent, shouldn't have been 17-11 before the SEC Tournament.

2004: (24-8)
PG- Steele
SG- Shelton
SF- Winston
PF- Davis
C- Davidson

To me, this is THE most talented Bama team in the past 15 years. Steele was great as a freshman, Shelton was the Senior leader, Winston was great even if he was an inconsistent ball-hog and Davis and Davidson were really starting to develop. Losing to Bruce Pearl's Wisconsin-Milwaukee team was a heart breaker. I still to this day believe that Bama could have made a run this year.

2005: (18-13)
PG- Steele
SG- Felix
SF- Gee
PF- Hendrix/Brock
C- Davis/Davidson

This team was super thin all season long but their starting lineup for very talented. I still remember Steele carrying the ball down vs UCLA, KNOWING he would take the 3. He would always hit the quick pull up 3 but a band handle on the dribble led to the miss. I know this team was thin, but they could have been better than they were.

2006: (20-12)
PG- Steele
SG- Riley
SF- Gee
PF- Hendrix
C- Davidson

After winning the Paradise Slam tournament, and starting the season 13-1, this team looked promising. Steele was banged up during a good chunk of the season and that was the difference for this team. With a healthy Steele, this team would have been at least a 6 seed in the tournament but instead wound up in the NIT. That NIT game vs UMass was amazing, though.
With the talent Gottfried had, those Bama teams were not much more competitive than this year's team who lacks a considerable amount of talent in my mind.

2007 & 2008's teams were probably the least talented of Gottfried's teams that decade and it showed. Grant could have taken these same teams and been much more successful.

The talent and depth on this year's team is very weak but they battle and never get embarrassed. It is nice to see a Bama team that A) Moves the ball instead of being stagnant in the offensive zone, B) Plays great defense and C)Doesn't have those games when they get embarrassed by 30 or are down 15-0 right after the tip.

Can't wait to see what the future of Alabama basketball holds.

finebammer said...

we lost this game for two reasons:

(1.) green and knox's choke job down low in the second half. i'm always hesitant to critisize players but after watching this crap i have to ask why we offered green a damn scholly. can we find/coach anybody who can take the damn ball to the hole???

(2.) the referee's inability to call an over-the-back on georgia after their missed free throws and grant's inability to influence them to make those calls. in all honesty, grant looked like he was doing a mark gottfried slack-jawed impression this game.

another blown-lead loss. man, what a pisser.

Alias said...

I spent the day moving my wife's friend's furnture from her old condo to a storage facility. I did not listen to the game because my nephew who will be at api next year was in the truck with me. Should I bother to watch my recording of the game, or will I just get angry?

bobbyjack said...

Nick, why you wanna make me angry again? I've pretty much erased most of the xCMG era from my brain. Damn.

As for the game tonight... I'll put up a recap tomorrow. Nice showing by our fanbase as I saw several hundred there. The game itself... tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Georgia fan here. First let me say that your blog is great and I wish Georgia had something similar.

I can't believe how much harder you guys defend than in year's past. Grant has them playing with real intensity. That's all you can ask when a team doesn't have much offensively.

I think Bama's shot selection needs some work though, and you also need a couple more big bodies. Thompkins owned the glass with 17 boards and Georgia just killed Bama on the boards overall.

Georgia was also uncharacteristically bad from the free throw line, as we were leading the league going into the game.

Overall, our programs are in similar places. Both just need to recruit like crazy and let their coaches handle the rest.