Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alonzo Gee signs with San Antonio Spurs

... now Mitchell has no excuse not to see him in a NBA uniform (g).

I'm happy for him... and instead of bashing the past I'll go ahead and say the Spurs got themselves a heck of a gem. Gee has always had NBA potential... and it looks like it's being realized.

Alonzo Gee will sign with the San Antonio Spurs for the rest of the season along with non-guaranteed deal for next season to secure the rookie's rights over the Summer as well as for vet camp next year, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations.

Gee's second 10-day contract with the Washington Wizards expired Sunday, meaning the team had the option of either signing Gee for the remainder of the season or letting him become a free agent. They've apparently chosen option B, even though he started in their last two games.

I'm utterly and completely surprised that Washington declined to keep the potential-laden forward (especially after coach Flip Saunders said they'd keep him), but I'm not at all surprised that the Spurs have re-added the 6-foot-6 rookie who scored 19 points in his first NBA start as soon as they were able.


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MSmilie said...

I'd rather keep my lazy butt here and go see a D-League game. No, I do see a couple of Spurs games a year (thanks to my job) so I hope to see him play with the Spurs at some point.