Sunday, March 14, 2010

As we wait for a NIT bid... my guess at the #1 and #2 seeds in the NCAA...

West Virginia

Ohio State
Kansas State

Last 4 in
Va Tech


Anonymous said...

What're the odds that we get an NIT bid?

bobbyjack said...

Let's just say if we want our chances to be greater we're rooting for Minnesota and Miss State today. Otherwise I thin we're sitting at under 30% right now due to all the upsets i the mid major conference tourneys.

DJC said...

To hell with rooting for $tate. I don't think we are in either way, so... And those teams winning don't really make much of a difference anyway, because whatever team they knock out of the NCAA will just take their spot in the NIT. GO BIG BLUE!

MSmilie said...

I agree. Regardless of what happens today, Bama is a long shot to make the NIT. Again, I think the team should accept a CBI invitation. The program is in its first year with a new coach and is playing well right now. I believe that if a team has competed all year the way Bama has, they deserve to keep playing if the opportunity is there. And as far as the money they might have to pay in: the football program probably brought in quite a bit of money this season. I don't think the university will go belly up if they pay in to the CBI.

bobbyjack said...

Just for this game... go $tate (going to OT... damn).

Side note- I think the last 2 at large teams should play in the play in game on Tuesday. Why penalize the conference tourney champ from a mid major?

finebammer said...

what a fucking game.

state loses in ot. out of gas.

the mazerati wins.

finebammer said...

mvp shared: wall and bost

finebammer said...

what a game to watch. the sec better pray calipari doesn't talk wall and cousins into staying.

by the same token, with what cal likely had to do to recruit that team, he'd better win the thing this year and get them the hell out of there.

coach grant, there's your target.

39 Steps said...

I can't root for Kentucky in the tournament.

bobbyjack said...

Pull for West Virginia like I am. And have backup teams (like G'town, New Mexico, UNLV) in case Huggie Bear falters.