Friday, March 05, 2010

Doubt $tate ever sees Sidney in uniform, suspended by NCAA

... for a long ass time.

Renardo Sidney’s suspension will last into 30 percent of next season — likely nine games — and require that he repay $11,800, the NCAA said today.

State can appeal the decision. Mississippi State said in a news release moments ago that it will appeal the decision.

An excerpt from the NCAA’s news release:

“The university declared the student-athlete ineligible for violations of NCAA ethical conduct and preferential treatment rules. The university found that the student-athlete violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he provided false or misleading information throughout the eligibility process.

He and his family benefited by using funds from a non-profit organization for personal gain, according to the facts presented by the university. These funds would not have been available were it not for the student-athlete’s athletic skills and reputation. Preferential treatment in this case also included hotel accommodations and other travel expenses, as well as free athletic gear and training.”

Read the rest here.

As others have said, even USC backed away from this guy... things that make you go mmmmm.


DJC said...

If he does come back, do you think anybody will question where he came up with the $12,000?

bobbyjack said...

Donations, sir. Donations. It'll all be on the up and up I'm sure. That's how they roll.