Monday, March 15, 2010

A few notes, mostly about MSU, of course....

I thought I would break my long drought of not posting and point out some things worth mentioning. Obviously, this season was a bit frustrating from beginning to end for Alabama, especially in the way we blew some games. But, as a true fan, there is always next season, and I'm confident that Grant's "process" will continue in a favorable direction. Now on to a few things....

Our very own Justin Tubbs made the right decision at the end of the CMG era to transfer to East Tennessee State. He will be dancing against Kentucky this weekend.

Same can be said about Avery Jukes, who transferred to Butler. He will be in action against UTEP, who is coached by Auburn's early frontrunner as coach, Tony Barbee. I really do think Auburn goes after a minority hire. One, because they love to copy us, and two, because they need to get the Turner Gill stink off of them when they hired Chiz-nik.

So, Charlotte just fired Bobby Lutz? Wow.... Didn't see that coming. He really is a decent coach, and will not be unemployed long.

Cornell got the shaft. I was looking forward to seeing them do something, but they were jobbed and deserved a higher seed than what they got.

This HAS to be the first time an entire division of the SEC has been left out of the Tourney since its inception in 1992. Going into yesterday, it all hinged on the Dawgs to keep that streak alive. Knowing that the SEC looked like it would only get 4 teams in anyway, it was down to MSU and Florida to fight out the last spot. Well, the Dawgs even beat Florida Saturday 75-69. Neutral court win against a Florida team that it was ahead of in RPI. Everything should be lovely. Sunday, they lose a 2-point lead to a shot with 0.1 seconds left, and eventually lose that game in Overtime. This loss was against a #1 seed in Kentucky, which, again, should have helped the case for MSU. But, they lose out to Florida for the remaining slot, which, coupled with their obnoxious, backward fanbase, brought a smile to my face, as it couldn't have happened to a more worthy ilk....

The funny thing is, as much as State fans may be pi$$ing and moaning, Virginia Tech really did deserve to be in before MSU and Florida. It appears they were being taught a lesson about their crappy non-con schedule, so expect Seth Greenberg to do some bulking up for next season.

Bring on the Madness!


finebammer said...

i like jay bilas' take on all this moaning and whining yesterday.

state, tech and anybody else left out had an opportunity to do something about all this back in the regular season. state's sos sucked. they then turn around and lose some games they had no business losing. piss off.

greenberg squalled about consistency by the panel year to year. well seth, they been pretty consistent about sos. if your sos is in triple digits, you've got issues. stfu.

i will agree with vitale about one thing, though: if they go 96, they're screwing the pooch. i don't know who's pushing this idea but they're idiots.

MSmilie said...

The idiots pushing the idea are coaches trying to save their jobs because the NCAA tournament is a reminder of who is achieving and who isn't, unlike the bowl system in which every penny ante team with a 6-6 record is awarded a bowl game.

I'm not sure what happened to setting an ideal and striving to live up to it.