Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hines owns the boards, Bama soars 79-70

Down 14... no problem as we storm back in the 2nd half to win it. I missed most of the last 5 minutes due to the bar changing the channel on me. Caught the very end.

Box score

Give it up to our players for never giving up. Hines owned the boards, Mitchell had a double-double, Torrance and Davis hit some big shots late, and Knox was an actual inside presence. Man... I named 5 players on the team that played their asses off... with Hillman showing great energy and Brock also playing well. Wow.

We had a +20 rebounding edge. A PLUS 20 REBOUNDING EDGE. That is unheard of. Hines simply wanted the ball more than any Gamecock. I've always said that's 70% of rebounding... will. We simply wanted it more tonight... even when we were getting run out of the building early in the game.

The starting lineup tonight should be the one we go with the rest of the season.

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