Tuesday, March 02, 2010

JaMychal Green done for the year and SC lite stats pack

First the bad news... Green is suspended for the season.

University of Alabama forward JaMychal Green will not be available for Wednesday's game at South Carolina, sources close to the U A basketball program have confirmed.

The University of Alabama sports information office is expected to have an official announcement on Green's status tonight.

There has been no timetable set for Green's return to the team, the sources said.

I am aware what the article says, but from everything being said he's done for the year.

Knox has a real opportunity to show what he's got the last 3 games of the year. I say 3 as we'll be one and done in the SECT.

Cocks stats pack... a battle of 2 .500 teams. Should be a memorable game. Okay, not really... both teams are playing out the string.

Since upsetting Kentucky, the Cocks are 2-6 and are coming into this game on a 5 game losing streak. That's okay, 'cause we're riding a nice streak of our own... lost the last 3 and 7 of 8.

Like us, injuries have decimated the Cocks. Downey seems to be their only offensive threat.

- 72 PPG
- 32% 3pt FG
- 41.7% FG
- -4.9 rebound margin
- 8.6 steals

Prediction: This should be a slapfest... we really have no inside option now with Green done, but we match up nicely with the equally depleted Gamecocks. It's a road game though... and in the end someone's streak has got to end. I predict it's their 5 game losing streak. Cocks by 6.

Game is 7PM EST (6PM CST) on ESPNU.


MSmilie said...

The rumor is the suspension is related to academics.

I thought the team was still capable of pulling out a couple wins before the end of the season. Not now. Wow, what a dismal end to a dismal season.

DJC said...

Disappointing, as it pretty much ends any hope of a strong finish and/or a run in Nashville. Nevertheless, this could be one of those things that turn out to be a positive in the long run. One of my biggest beefs with Coach Gottfried is that he played favorites, and let his stars get away with more than his role players. So far at different points this season, Coach Grant has suspended Brock, benched Torrance, and now suspended Senario Hillman and Green. He is setting the tone for what is expected. To quote one of my favorite movies, maybe this is our, "My team is on the floor." moment.

finebammer said...

"One of my biggest beefs with Coach Gottfried is that he played favorites, and let his stars get away with more than his role players."

the only problem with that thought process, dj, we have no stars. green would be riding the bench at a basketball school. that's why we got him. i haven't seen ANY evidence any of the others could get on the bench, period.

otherwise, i love the "my-team-is-on-the-floor" line.

great stuff.