Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jamychal Green will return next season and Charles Hankerson video.

File this first story in the "No Shit" folder. Jamychal Green, according to the Mobile Press-Register, will return for his junior year. If this surprises anyone, please make your way to the line on the left for your daily medication. Don't get me wrong, I love Jamychal and I think he has the potential to develop into a great player, but the key word is "develop". Green needs to get stronger, his mid-range jumper still needs work and he's got to become a more aggressive player on both ends of the court, in my opinion, before he can look ahead to the next level.

Due to the way the season has gone, many of us Bama basketball fans have already been looking towards next season. One of the big questions has been who will be the starting point guard with Mikhail Torrance and Anthony Brock finishing their senior seasons. Incoming recruit, Trevor Releford, has to be considered the front runner for the job. Should he not make a smooth transition to the college game though there has been some concern over who could run the team. Ladies and gentlemen, the answer could be Charles Hankerson.

Until now there has been little information about him. I haven't read much other than he was improving as a player and, as a result, his ranking was increasing. Early evidence is pointing to the fact that Coach Grant and his staff may have landed a diamond in the rough. Video on the guy has been as hard to come by as quality footage of Area 51....until now.

Here is the first video I've seen of Hankerson. The kid has a nice looking jump shot, but what stood out the most to me is he's pretty good at penetrating the defense and making good decisions with the ball. Now, obviously the competition will be drastically different in the SEC than what he's facing here; nevertheless, from what I've seen in this footage, Hankerson could at least be a possible option to turn to should Releford not make an immediate impact.


Nick said...

The fact that Green even considers the NBA draft after this year is a pretty good sign that he will more than likely leave after next year, which would be dumb on his part.

Hankerson looks good. Nice shot, good size and very good vision when he drives the lane. Like you said, could definitely be a diamond in the rough. The competition between him and Releford next year could be a good one.

bobbyjack said...

JaMychal is supposedly suspended for the rest for the season. First thought that popped in my head is whether he'll be back next year.

Next season is really starting to scare me. Damn

finebammer said...

somebody better get off their ass and start recruiting.

we've seen enough "diamonds in the rough".

this may take a little longer than we all thought.