Sunday, March 14, 2010

No bid to the NIT, season's over... the team will sit...

... an end to the season for Alabama basketball fans, but for those that love college hoops this is the season we all look forward to. It sucks that we haven't been in the NCAA in 4 years now (damn), but the tournament will make me forget that come Thursday.

At some point I'll fill out a bracket and with pinpoint accuracy tell you who the Final Four teams will be. It's wide open if you ask me... as only Kansas seems to be a legit #1 seed IMO.

For those that never been, the first week of March Madness should be spent in Las Vegas if you're not attending a game. I'm missing out on it this year (it was either this or the BCSNC), but I HIGHLY suggest you go if you have the chance to. Watching the games in a sportbook with thousands of people on pins and needles on EVERY possession (money is on it) makes for an entertaining first few days.

Baseball season is around the corner and I'm catching a Spring Training game for the first time since I was a teenager in Orlando. I'm looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

no CBI bid?

39 Steps said...

Students out for Spring Break, not prudent.

Anonymous said...

Could you maybe do a post on recruiting? College basketball recruiting is a lot tougher to understand to me than football. It seems there isn't very much talent in state this year. There isn't that much information out there either.

Alias said...

Next year is supposed to be a banner year for basketball recruits in Alabama, Missisippi and Georgia. We have a point guard and a shooting guard already committed for this year. Do not expect our coaches to sign any post players just to fill a hole with a body.

College coaches try to identify the best prospects during their freshman and sophomore years, if at all possible. That affords them an opportunity to establish a relationship with them within the NCAA rules that can allow a prospect a level of comfort with that particular coach.

That's about all I think I know about recruiting. I think DJC and some of our other posters probably can offer you some real information.

bobbyjack said...

I don't follow recruiting so hopefully MSmilie, Hville, or DJC might have more info on that side of hoops.

The only thing I have to add is I really think this staff should take a stab at some PGs from the northeast in years to come.