Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recruiting tidbits from ESPN Insider

I have a tendency to impulse buy. Laugh if you must, but, I promise you, the value of the Darth Maul coin bank will only grow with time, as will the value of the Beatles pint glass set ....or even this.

So it is with my ESPN Insider account. I grew tired of clicking on college basketball stories at ESPN only to find myself turned away because I was not an Insider subscriber. Never mind that I find the majority of the ESPN college basketball analysts as interesting as passing a kidney stone; if I became an Insider I may find out college basketball news a full 24 hours before the rest of the country! How could I resist? Oh, and I also received a free subscription to ESPN's the Magazine, which really made it worth the effort.....I guess. Oh, not to mention my free long sleeve t-shirt and my ball cap. I don't wear a ball cap, but just in case I ever do, I have one now. Boo Ya!

Truth be known, I haven't seen much Insider news that piqued my interest...until tonight. Turns out Alabama might just be interested in luring some kid from that cow college in west Georgia. From ESPN:

The initial goal for Alabama's team under first-year coach Anthony Grant must have been one of both the coach and players feeling each other out. Now, Grant has a chance to put his own stamp on the team and to do that, he has to start building his recruiting base.

Alabama's 2010 recruiting class is strong but features no players from the state of Alabama. And even though he isn't from 'Bama, Charles Goldberg of the Birmingham News reports that UA has been in contact with Jalen Steele, Auburn's top recruit.

Steele could be a major talent for whichever SEC school he decides to attend. He is currently signed to the Tigers but the departure of Jeff Lebo has admittedly opened some doors for him.

What is it with Alabama and kids with the last name of Steele? Oh, he's no relation to Ron or Andrew by the way. The kid is getting some favorable press, which is good. He's considering not going to Auburn, which is smart. What's not to like? ESPN wrote this about Steele:

Simply put this young man is a straight up winner. Steele has two state championships under his belt and possibly another on the horizon this season. He is a big time shooter who gets maximum lift on his jumper and is deft from out to 22-23 feet. Jalen can score in a variety of methods using the dribble, the short pull-up or the deep stroke, his game improved significantly off the dribble this summer and he will be an immediate asset for the Tigers. He is a wonderful on ball defender who really takes the message of defense to heart, thanks to a wonderful high school mentor who drove this point home on many occasions. He uses the screen to his advantage and is a perpetual motion machine while working without the ball. Some believe he cannot play at the SEC level, but we feel his approach to the game and his sheer will and determination will allow him to excel at any level.


bobbyjack said...

Heh. They used to give league managers insider rights when they charged a fee to upkeep the fantasy leagues. Back then all of their insider rumors (on the MLB side) turned out to be a bunch of made up stuff they must've talked about amongst themselves in the office.

I think they've changed though... at least I'm hoping they did.

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

"Some believe he cannot play at the SEC level..."
I wonder why they say this.

finebammer said...

because he's an undersized project.